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This is the moment a protester allegedly poured gasoline on an NYPD van while cops were inside, during a violent demonstration over a fatal cop shooting of a Bronx man.

Black Lives Matter protesters have gathered outside the 46 Precinct police station in the Bronx, New York, multiple days this week after Mike Rosado, 24, was shot dead by off-duty NYPD officers.

The article goes on to state the following:

On Friday, police say one of those demonstrators picked up a red gas can, walked over to a parked police van, which had officers inside, and began pouring it over the vehicle.

NYPD News shared a video of the incident, which ends with footage from inside the van of the moment protesters started pouring gasoline onto the vehicle while officers were inside it.

The officers were able to drive away before the protesters could light the van on fire.

NYPD wrote:

On Friday, 9/3, at approximately 10:32 pm, a group approached the @NYPD46Pct in order to protest a police involved shooting that occurred on Sunday, 8/29/21. While protesting, the group began to push barricades into the officers protecting the precinct as well as throw eggs at a marked police van.

An individual with the group then proceeded to douse the van—which was occupied—with gasoline. The investigation to identify the individual pouring the gasoline is underway & he could face state and/or federal charges for his actions.


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  1. These officers lives are in danger and they have every right to defend themselves. These prosters are our for blood and before I spilt mine someone’s else’s would flow first. It’s time police officers take a stand.

  2. This is 100% the Democrats fault. You fools keep talking “defund the police” till these mental screw ups think they have a right to kill cops!

  3. BLM is the most discriminatory, hateful, hypocritical people in the US. Man, I sure could go for a Trump Administration and some hard core Republicans about now.

  4. I don’t know about anyone else but to me this crap is getting really old. They keep doing this because they aren’t held accountable and get away everything. ENOUGH!!!!

  5. About time to start putting these BLM terrorists behind bars without bail when they ACT WAY BEYOND THE SCOPE OF PROTESTING. THE ACTIVIST JUDGES must be stopped!!!

  6. AOC represents this district and only escalates the hate for the police with her rhetoric, but never say a thing about any of her constituents and the children innocently killed by gangs and criminals

  7. Pouring gas on any car with people inside is attempted murder in my opinion. These people should be shot! I do t care who they are or what color they may be. Yo pour fuel on a cop car is attempted murder of LE.
    Im so SICK of this shit not being stopped and those perpetrators are not being held accountable.

  8. SophiaR – this crap is getting old. I haven’t even read anything beyond the first several words to know that if you want to post this drivel it should be on some other site.

  9. These BLM actions are attempted murder and they are terrorists. Why on earth is nothing being done about this? It is not racist to arrest an attempted murderer just because he is black! For God’s sake, who ever thought heinous crimes could be committed and nothing be done about it because of the perpetrators’ skin color. That is totally asinine!


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