(Commenting on)  VIDEO: Mother has all her limbs amputated after eating contaminated fish



  1. Where is the FDA in protecting us from contamination? Are they compromised? We need to find out how this happened and Deal appropriately with it now before someone else is affected?

  2. I don’t think the FDA can protect us from this virus, other than to warn us not to eat raw fish or shellfish like clams and oysters. Where I live , they don’t even harvest oysters in the warmer months because they can carry the virus. In colder months the virus dies and oysters are safe to eat. Otherwise, seafood should be cooked thoroughly to kill the virus. Since I’ve been hearing more and more about this sickness caused by vibrio vulcnificus, I may stop eating sushi!

  3. I never EVER eat that fish! It comes from China!! Never buy Tone seasoning. That is also from China! They use heavy insecticides and the farmed raise fish to dirty! Don’t believe me, look it up!


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