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A motorcyclist going upward of 130 mph down a street in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon died after crashing into another vehicle.

The Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News that the driver’s license plate came back as stolen. A department official said officers were tracking the motorcycle and were not in pursuit at the time of the crash.

The article goes on to state the following:

The horrific crash was caught on video by FOX 11. The driver can be seen whizzing down a street in the Los Angeles neighborhood of West Hills just after 1 p.m.

Also streaming live as the motorcycle zoomed down the streets of Los Angeles was CBS Los Angeles.  The news anchor was commenting on the motorcyclist’s actions when the crash occurred.

“Oh my gosh!” the news anchor said, bringing her hands to her face in horror as the camera cut away from the crash. “We have just seen… sorry, we just saw that motorcycle crash into a car there at the intersection,” she said.

The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene, but has not yet been publicly identified.

The follow video clip is silent, but shows more footage after the crash:

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  1. And the reporter said the police were in pursuit and they were not,,keep t h at in mind when the car owner sues the police and try to blame them for the crash

  2. Any mention of how the other driver is? Many are interested in his well being and not an awful crash.
    Speed kills esp on a motorcycle.

  3. I bet he died of covid. The motorcycle had it too
    Well if the dead can vote The motorcycle can die if covid. Maybe it got too many vaccines in the fuel
    Surly reckless driving had anything to do with it.
    If he was black Biden will give him a purple star tomorrow for breaking the law speeding


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