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MSNBC contributor political professor Jason Johnson said Tuesday on “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump and his former attorney Rudy Giuliani are “terrorists.”

Johnson added that the Republican Party is a “white nationalist coup.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Discussing the testimony from Shaye Freeman Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman, Johnson said, “That’s my grandmother. That is literally the kind of work that my grandmother used to do in Newark, New Jersey, registering people to vote, taking seniors in buses to go here or there, getting young people registered to vote. The level of violence that the Republican organization engages in against black people on a regular basis should make everything in this trial pale in comparison. This is what they do.”

Johnson was commenting on two witnesses who testified during the January 6 Committee televised hearing on Tuesday.

He called Trump supporters “the white nationalist coup that masquerades as the Republican Party,” and declared, “How many different people did Donald Trump and his cronies have to attack, have to threaten before we recognize that the man is a terrorist and everybody who works with him is a terrorist. Rudy Giuliani is a terrorist. This is not political activity. This is not passion.”

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  1. Ummm! I see a slander lawsuit in the near future. MSNBC and their cronies are way out of line. What a misguided fool. He has drunk all the kool aid. This folks is misinformation. This is an attempt at gaslighting.

  2. And this person is a racist African im not going to even call him a American because he’s not . He is bigoted and is promoting terrorism. So just because someone says he’s a terrorist it is automatically true . Let’s be honest Gere many blacks have been spouting this trash for months now but the only real terrorism I’ve seen in the way of violence comes from them . Don’t worry time is coming where you will get what you deserve jail time or deportation . I dont grasp the whole idea if you hate it here so much the only reason you stay is to tear it down that makes you the terrorist.

  3. It wasn’t republicans burning cities, destroying property, killing people! That was blm they are the terrorists and democrats claim they were peaceful protests! This is a democratic manufactured insurrection! Holding people for a year and a half in jail, they didn’t kill anyone, yet they are insurrectionists! The corrupt democRATic socialist party are the real criminals! Pelosi refused trumps request for more security because she knew antifa, Lu and fbi would be infiltrating the marchers and causing trouble so they could blame trump! Police were opening gates and waving the people in!

  4. He is a Professor of Lies and Ignorance. It is pathetic what has happened in our schools. Students are being taught by idiots.

  5. For the record, Jesse Jackson and Rainbow / PUSH honored Donald Trump for his efforts to bring minorites on board in the NYC business community. Of course, before he became President nobody knew what a racist he was. /sarcasm
    Go back to Africa where life will be sweet for you.

  6. There was absolutely no news information given in that news clip to inform the viewers as to what exactly that woman was testifying about. Just vague accusations that Johnson ranted about. A prime example of opinion journalism to promote the Democrat narrative of white supremacy and insurrection terrorism.

  7. So, so typical of this culture. You are a pathetic racist lier that continues to use the white supremacy narrative to spread your hate. Cleaning up your own culture should be your focus, there’s plenty to work on that will keep you busy for a long time. Ignorant fool

  8. Great try nig. End game is getting closer. Black folks need to pick a side. They been used by the dems forever. Hopefully for their race they choose the right side

  9. These so called experts who spout their lies on msnbc and cnn have to be held accountable for their absolutely disgusting rhetoric. The treasonous lies they spread against American heroes like Rudy G should not be left unchecked. We have a country to protect and save from these communist b**tards!


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