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Netflix had another disastrous quarter as new subscriptions fell short of guidance, causing shares of the streaming entertainment giant to plummet close to 20 percent in after-hours trading on Thursday. Compounding the gloom, the company said it is expecting weak subscriber growth for the first three months of 2022, with executives blaming the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The results point to a significant weakening of Netflix’s main revenue stream — paying customers. The company is failing to sign up new subscribers at a level that Wall Street believes will keep the streamer in robust health, an ominous development that could imperil Netflix’s ability to keep up with growing competition.

The article goes on to state the following:

On Thursday, Netflix reported new subscriptions for the fourth quarter of 8.28 million, well short of the company’s own guidance of 8.5 million. The figure also fell short of certain analyst estimates, with The Street forecasting 8.4 million new customers.

Netflix said in a letter to shareholders, “While retention and engagement remain healthy, acquisition growth has not yet re-accelerated to pre-COVID levels. We think this may be due to several factors including the ongoing COVID overhang and macro-economic hardship in several parts of the world like LATAM [Latin America].”

Last week Netflix announced they would be increasing the price for all domestic subscribers. According to the article, the price for a premium subscription will now be $19.99, basic subscription will be $9.99 and the standard subscription will be $15.49.

Jack Posobiec tweeted Friday, “Human Events and Spillover listeners were told months ago that Netflix was a Ponzi scheme to manipulate the stock price. And now their stock is plunging.”

Writer Alex Weprin tweeted, “Netflix’s 22% stock price drop at the open equates to $48B… more than the total market caps of ViacomCBS and Fox Corp. combined.”

Suburban Black Man wrote, “Netflix shares PLUMMET NEARLY 25% at today’s open, biggest decline since 2014. Go woke…”

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  1. Who needs a porn channel in their home When they have small children Netflix uses children for their sadistic putrid vile shows. And the parents who put their children through that lifestyle Should be in jail Already All my with those who produce those shows And those who sit their children in front of them Can’t ask what is wrong with their children when they grow up.

  2. Yes Hilary is trying to clear a path.. Hence Prince Andrew being set up to be brought to USA to stand in court .. but its fairly well known that the intention is to charge him with a criminal Offence and get him out of the way .. He knows too much about dear Bill …

  3. I ended my subscription well over a year ago because of the woke policies and because of the Obama regime being a part of Netflix. My money won’t go into their pockets!!

  4. Think again… it isn’t because of Covid (and they know this) otherwise people would be watching it… it is because of the perverted and woke movies they have put on there. Not to mention who can afford it with the high inflation, people needs their money for gas and pay their bills, I would say groceries but they took care of what we buy and eat… may they choke on a piece of stake or some of their vegetables…May the whole network go down the tubes.

  5. Tired of their woke garbage. All the propaganda content is ruining their platform. It’s old! Kind of like the non stop commercials now with only black people in them. US has a 14% black population but the commercials make it out like we are 100% black. We are saturated with this crap and it’s showing in the numbers that we are over it!

  6. As inflation continues people are going to be cutting back on these services. Being woke did not help them and raising their rates was a dumb idea.

  7. I love it. People are finding out boycotts go both ways. Obama movies and many other propaganda films kept showing up on Netflix. I cancelled a year ago. Make a list of these woke jerks. Cancel them or not buy. Money talks

  8. If they had half a brain they’d realize the majority of this country are barely making ends meet because of Bidenflation and can’t to pay for Netflix. Something the rich at Netflix could never begin to comprehend.

  9. All conservative AMERICANS need to drop them. This is the way we can “speak” to these companies that push agendas that go against our beliefs!


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