VIDEO: Network Claims Capitol Police ‘Warning the Far Right Is Calling for Violence’ after Supreme Court Leak

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On Friday’s “CNN Newsroom,” co-host and Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto reported that after the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on Roe v. Wade, “Capitol Police are warning the far right is calling for violence against a religious group planning to rally for abortion rights.”

Sciutto stated, “This morning, law enforcement officials are preparing for potential violence in the capital and nationwide after the leak of that Supreme Court draft opinion that would strike down Roe v. Wade after 50 years. Capitol Police are warning the far right is calling for violence against a religious group planning to rally for abortion rights.”

The article goes on to state the following:

CNN Law Enforcement Correspondent Whitney Wild added that law enforcement sources “tell us that they are closely monitoring social media chatter that suggests that there’s a potential for violence against abortion clinic providers, abortion clinic staff, members of the judiciary — that would include the justices here — as well as members of the federal government. And what we know after January 6, and what law enforcement knows across the country, is that social media chatter can manifest into actual violence. … And federal law enforcement officials held a call with about 150 participants all across the country to warn them about protests that resulted in confrontations, about the possibility of future demonstrations, as well as for — the potential for violence. So, that’s what’s going on across the country. Here in Washington, there is physical proof that law enforcement officials and officials — Congressional officials, Supreme Court officials here are concerned about the potential that protests could erupt.”

Wild then discussed the barriers that have been placed around the Supreme Court and concluded, “The bottom line here is that while these protests, for the most part…here in Washington at least, have been peaceful, there have been a couple confrontations, but no physical eruptions, no real serious acts of violence here. Because police were able to intervene. They’re very concerned about it, MPD keeping some of those police resources, at least through Sunday.”

Journalist Tom Elliott tweeted Friday, “CNN: Law enforcement bracing for violence from ‘far right’ following Alito opinion. ‘They’re closely monitoring social media chatter that suggests there’s a potential for violence against abortion clinic providers, abortion clinic staff, members of the Judiciary.'”

Daily Wire reporter Mary Margaret Olohan responded tweeting, “Worth noting: I’ve asked the Supreme Court police, Capitol Hill police, MPD, and DOJ to comment on how they will protect the Supreme Court justices. Nothing, except that MPD referred me to US Supreme Court Police.”

Professor Margot Cleveland wrote, “The @USMiniTru obviously has a direct line to @CNN.”

Katie Pavlich said, “Ah yes. The BLM linked group putting the addresses of six Supreme Court Justices and their families up on a map for harassment is totally coming from the right. Ridiculous.”

Editor Guy Benson tweeted, “They’re putting up fencing around the Court to protect the people Democrats are denouncing as ‘right-wing extremist’ justices from…the far right? Ok.”

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  1. What??? BLM are 100% opposite of the “far right”. So now they are trying to link BLM with conservatives. OMG will the lunacy ever end?

  2. Well they just gave away their next move they are going to do. Pretend to be MAGA and attack pro-choicers. The left is so disgusting. People wake up already so we can end this f’ing nightmare.

  3. You can’t make this stuff up. CNN claims barriers up at Supreme Court to protect justices against far RIGHT demonstrators. Twilight zone world. These people are total greaseballs. The only violence we will see will be from far LEFT Joe Biden voters being paid by the democrats to riot in the streets just like the riots in 2020. They really think Americans are stupid. Shameless traitors.

  4. That’s campaign disinformation. Any body have the balls to call this out? This is exactly the same as January 6 disinformation. Democrates are disgusting 🤮

  5. The far left is just continuing its lies as it’s they not conservatives that are calling for violence. The capitol police are the throughly discredited whipped boys of Nancy’s .

  6. I am so sick of the stinking far left media and administration and the lies they spew! We all know the violence will come from the left! That is the only way they communicate. The leak from the Supreme Court was planned so they can get their sheeple roiled up. Now they twist the truth and blame the right. They want this country completely divided so they can create chaos. Out of chaos they will usher in their order.
    New World Order.

  7. All about the midterms and maintaining power!
    Bunch of liars!
    I will come back to bite them in the arse.

  8. oh ,please Psaki stated releasing the Supreme Court justices address for a “ peaceful protest “ is an American right.
    Well no , releasing private addresses for the sake to intimidate is not a right it is a crimes.
    If you think this person is anti American , wait until the new one shows up.
    The answer, Boycott the press room. Nothing but Obama Rhetoric and dementia for our person in office that wasn’t voted there.

  9. That’s a lie, nobody that I’ve heard of has called on violence against the Supreme Court, except the radical and mid liberal Demoncrats. Put the blame where it correctly goes, to the Left !

  10. Or someone who pretends to be far right, just like Jan 6th. This is so ridiculous!! I am so sick of their game!!! We will not give up! Stay strong, Pro Life!! Condemn the evil.

  11. Total Bullshit!

    The real story here is that CNN felt comfortable making this report. What a total bunch of frauds. Surprised anyone still works there…

  12. The far Right doesn’t light fires, smash windows and loot when they’re angry or don’t get their way like the Left do.

  13. So, lemme see if I got this straight — the “far Right” intends to go on a violent rampage because SCOTUS is overturning Roe v. Wade?!!

    These people are ridiculous.


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