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Texas GOP Rep.-elect Beth Van Duyne, who got started in local politics because of her daughter’s preexisting health condition, said Americans should no longer be stuck with the Affordable Care Act.

Van Duyne, who won one of the most competitive open congressional seats in the country, said she wants to work on providing a replacement for the act, known as ObamaCare, because the law’s promise to make health care affordable has been broken.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The Affordable Care Act was one of the biggest lies that has ever been promulgated in U.S. history,” Van Duyne told Fox News in a recent interview during congressional orientation. “The fact that you’re going to be able to keep your doctor; it’s going to lower your health care costs; it’s going to increase your quality — those were all lies. That did not happen. In fact, it was quite the opposite.”

Van Duyne explained that health insurance should be “personalized” based on individual needs, arguing a healthy person in their 20’s should not have to purchase the same level of coverage as someone with an ongoing medical condition.


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  1. Nobody should ever be required to purchase health insurance. Period.

    Ms. Van Duyne is absolutely correct. Obamacare is complete garbage as we all knew it would be. It needs replacement. Sadly Joe and the Hoe care will not be any better.


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