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One of the Russian navy warships that attacked Ukraine’s Snake Island last month sank after a Ukrainian counterattack Monday night, military sources in Kyiv tell Fox News Digital.

The Ukrainian defense forces manning the island earned international praise on Feb. 24 when they responded to a naval vessel demanding their surrender with defiance.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Russian ship, go f— yourself!” one of them said over a loudspeaker.

It was first believed that all 13 Ukrainians on the island had been killed when they were attacked nearly two weeks ago, but later it was discovered they had all been captured alive.

Below is an audio of the moment the Ukrainians came under attack from the Russians, in which they told the Russian warship to ‘go f*** yourselves’ when they were ordered to surrender.

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  1. Anyone who believes anything, and I do mean anything, reported during this war is an idiot. Everything is propaganda, regardless of which side it comes from.

  2. This is an information war and anything coming from the main stream media is propaganda. Don’t believe anything you read or see, believe your own intuition


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