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The director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Francis Collins said Sunday on “Meet the Press” that it was “certainly possible” that the Omicron variant will not be the last COVID-19 variant of the pandemic.

Anchor Chuck Todd said, “It seems that a lot of scientists seem to be surprised how much this virus has mutated or how fast this virus is mutating. So I guess we’re to your sense of where we are headed? Look, I know we need to be vaccinated more around the world, but realistically we should we expect essentially a new dominant variant in every six months? We got Delta before that. I mean, are we in that kind of pattern here?”

The article goes on to state the following:

Collins responded, “It’s certainly possible that this is not the last emerging variant that will attract a lot of attention and a lot of concern. This one does have the largest number of mutations that we’ve seen so far. Omicron with about 50 mutations compared to the original Wuhan virus. It looks as if they probably arose in an immunocompromised individual — this is a hypothesis, but it seems plausible — who wasn’t able to completely fight of the virus. So it remained in the system may be for months in that person until they finally got over it. And that is, of course, a perfect situation for the virus to be able to pick up additional mutations along the way. To the extent that that’s going to keep happening, if we don’t have adequate immune protection across the globe – yeah, we’re probably going to see something. We’ll have to use some of the other letters in the Greek alphabet.”


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  1. Did he actually go to medical school to learn this? Every intelligent person on the planet knows this isn’t the last variant.

  2. Ohhhhh of course it’ll keep going you bunch of jerks!!!! Fauci helped fund the research on this crap. He knew what was going to happen. He’s a pile of crap!! An educated IDIOT!!

  3. Just like any virus (like the flu) there is always going to be new variants. What they need to do is stop making such a drama out of it. Stop panicing people. Stop spreading fear.

  4. They will keep spreading the fear untill after the 2024 election, by then they will have all the cheating down pat and all the laws In place so the communist will never lose an election, you know just like ,Russia,, n Korea, and the rest of the we socialist communist countries

  5. We are SURROUNDED by corona viruses…GET A GRIP !!!
    Anyone who’s been paying attention knows CoV 19 was weaponized and not the only “bioweapon” that exists so also GET A GRIP !!!
    Only with free citizens of the world taking action pushing back and standing their ground will the inevitable be delayed… So go BOLD or go woke.

  6. As long as the government keeps pushing killer jabs there is going to be variant after variant! Push the early treatment and be done with the pandemic!! Remember delta didn’t come until they started pushing and mandating the jabs in June when the initial virus was nearly non-existent. Now the Omnicron which is only affecting the vaccinated who are giving it to the vaccinated! Get all states to open up monoclonal clinics!! Carry your diluted Betadine nose spray with you and be safe! It’s a virus starting in the nose. Diluted Betadine shows it kills virus on contact! Studies have proven it despite what the liberal killers are saying! And don’t forget to take your vitamin supplements! Do your research!

  7. Of course it wont be they are probably doing a “variant name raffle” as we speak to keep the ” fear and obedience ” machine chugging right along .


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