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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was heckled for his stance on gun rights following his Friday speech at the National Rifle Association’s 2022 Annual Leadership Forum.

While Cruz was dining in a Houston sushi restaurant, Benjamin Hernandez, a member of activist group Indivisible Houston, approached the senator and demanded him to support escalated gun control measures in the wake of the Robb Elementary School massacre on Tuesday that left 22 people, including the shooter, dead.

The article goes on to state the following:

Hernandez first posed for a photo with Cruz, and the two were all smiles until he began peppering the senator with questions about gun laws. Cruz told Hernandez there were lots of laws he would support to curb gun violence, but the senator said he takes issue with the one championed by Democrats. Cruz struggled to get a word in edgewise as Hernandez berated him with pointed questions, including his position on strengthened background checks.

In a tweet posted by Indivisible Houston, a video shows the conversation between Hernandez and Cruz.

“We can make it harder for people to get guns in this country,” Hernandez said in the video. “You know that. You know that, but you stand here. You stand at the NRA convention. It is harder, it is harder when there are more guns to stop gun violence.”

Cruz said the proposals that Hernandez supports would not have stopped the shooter.

“Why did you come here to the convention?” Hernandez said to Cruz. “Nineteen children died! Nineteen children died! That’s on your hands! That’s on your hands! Ted Cruz, that’s on your hands!”

Cruz remained calm throughout the encounter, and pointed to measures he supported and proposed as Hernandez repeatedly interrupted. Eventually security pulled the two apart.


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  1. How about the265 children that have died in Democrat Chicago ? No one cares about the black on black killings there .Dems are sick idiots fix your cities .

    • How about the killings everyday of babies in the womb? All this can be resolved with the right policies! Every single school in every state should have a concealed weapon carrier at all times, metal detectors. Hell our Politicians, Celebrities, Sports & Entertainment venues have this in place yet our most vulnerable get very limited protection! Why? Because the politicians keep fighting & it never gets done

  2. The stupid liberals take guns from Godfearing , hardworking, taxpaying Americans!!! The criminals will still have them and the border open to let criminals and terriost in !!!

  3. It’s people like Hernandez who need to be checked and in balance. When people don’t allow you to discuss things rationally, you got a problem. Hernandez, is speaking with anger. Just like the shooter.

  4. Sent this truth , to Hernandez (borrowed):
    A hundred and twelve years ago, in 1907…our great grandparents were first able to buy the rifle pictured. The semi-auto Winchester Model 1907.
    This is a gun they could buy from a Sears catalogue and have delivered via US Post. It was/ is a semi-automatic, high powered centerfire rifle, with detachable, high capacity magazine.
    About 400,000 semi-automatic rifles were produced before WW2. Civilians had hundreds of thousands of these for 40 years, while US soldiers were still being issued old fashioned bolt action rifles.
    The 1907 fired just as fast as an AR15 or AK47 and the bullet (.351 Winchester) was actually larger than those fired by the more modern looking weapons..
    The ONLY functional difference between the 1907 and a controversial and much feared AR15 is the modern black plastic stock.

    The semi auto, so-called “assault rifle” is 110 years old. It isnt new in any way.
    The semi auto rifle was not a weapon of war. The government MADE IT a weapon of war 40 years after civilians had them.
    The semi-auto can be safely owned by civilians. The proof is that literally 3 generations of adults owned and used them responsibly and no one ever even noticed.
    Want to fix the horror of mass shootings? Fix the things that have changed for the worse in the last 50 years. Family Values, Prayer from Schools, Ten Commandments from court houses, Spanking Kids, Morals, What is socially acceptable, Confusion on Genders, Left Wing Liberalism, Socialism, ect.

    Cause the rifle technology in question was here long before this insanity. GOD SAVE THE USA.

    • Well said. You need to put that all over social media. I am yotestalker on truth. Curious what Hernandez’s response will be if any.

    • Exactly!! And as a former substitute teacher in a high school in late 80’s early 90’s I had many students who had shotguns of all sorts rifles you name it hanging on a rack inside the cab of their pickup trucks and no one ever shot and killed anyone let alone brought it into the school! And believe me they got plenty upset and had to be disciplined by their teachers and our principal! But they never went and got those guns and came to exact revenge! Why? Who knows exactly! We can speculate. But I do know that the most problematic students were black! They didn’t have those guns and pickup trucks. They had messed up families and most lived with grandma and she would come threaten the teachers and principal for telling her grandson to sit down and shut up! That was when I quit!! When a student could disrupt my class as I’m trying to teach by walking around and sitting on other students desks and dare me to say anything and my class was trying to watch a film they would be tested on the next day and he stood in front of the screen and yelled so no one could hear what was being said I knew things were headed in the wrong direction! And here we are!! It’s not the guns!! It’s people!! We can’t legislate morality!! But we can make schools safe! My grandsons elementary school has the whole school fenced with locks on the gates and there are spikes on top of each all the way around! There are cameras and security watching those! The doors are guarded and locked as soon as the students are inside. They are allowed supervised outside to play. If a parent comes to retrieve a child that is sick or needs to be taken to an appointment they come in front door only one unlocked and come to desk that is protected by bulletproof glass and there is a computer there to type in your child’s name and grade and teacher and there’s an id # you have to know to be able to access that child. That prevents people saying that they had permission to pick up said child when they might not be the custodial parent and could possibly kidnap the child. Over time the office staff knew you and the teachers knew you because you interacted with them. Still there were protocols in place to protect everyone and we parents and grandparents are grateful! The PTA through great parental leadership and some deep pockets parents helped do fundraisers and put these safety measures in place quickly! If our little town could do that then others can! There are many people who can get out and organize and fund these necessary protocols to save lives! And students who have problems and teachers are aware they have a conversation with the nurse and principal and those parents are contacted and discreetly the child and their needs are addressed. If nothing is done and the parents start blaming instead of realizing their child needs help now rather than later then that child is no longer able to attend that school. It’s a public school. But the responsibility lays on the parents not the school. They are also taught values in our school. Respect responsibility and empathy. Courtesy and good sportsmanship. They are rewarded for all of these values. And encouraged to not just practice those at school but at home and everywhere they go! We see more children grow into fine young adults and beyond because of this! It’s not hard just requires teamwork and care.

  5. So damned political it’s sickening. Democrats are trying to turn this into campaign issue like Geirge Floyd because they’re losing on both Domestic and Foreign Affairs issued. Furthermore the Democrats have stall every reform bill offered by Sen.Tim Scott because they don’t want Republicans to solve a real issue. Why Sen. SCHUMER are you delaying bills until after the election. Any more deaths are on your head. Disgusting – never let a problem go to waste.

  6. It is NEVER advisable to make important decisions on emotions. You wait until you can think logically. Example: COVID-19 panic, shutdowns, etc. has cost us a multitude of things and solved nothing. COVID will be here for years to come – as will guns whether legal or illegal and they will sometimes wind up in the hands of maniacs. Gun control has solved nothing in Chicago. Our country is now run by social media and emotionalism. No wonder we are in such a mess!!

  7. That man that accosted Sen Cruz should be detained and forced to undergo psychiatric evaluations. He crossed the line and was acting out of control. He is a danger to society just like all these left wing nuts and democratic operatives. If we are going to have a civil nation people have to be accountable for their actions.

  8. What I want to know is their view on abortion? All these people outraged that an evil, demented, mentally ill, young man shot 19 innocent children & 2 teachers – it was not the guns that shot themselves – are so outraged & disgusted – but they approve of abortion up to birth, it’s a woman’s body…How hypocritical can individuals be? Liberals make absolutely no sense & it’s very clear…

  9. When will these idiots get it through their head. Taking guns away will not solved the problem. Screening will. Backgrounds will. Like it or not, the 2nd amendment will never go away. The far left drools when the use a tragedy like we had. It’s shameful and disgusting.


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