VIDEO: NY Republican candidate speculates which Biden official is likely behind Mar-a-Lago raid

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Deep State types such as Susan Rice are likely behind the FBI’s raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, Carl Paladino, a Republican upstate New York businessman who is running for Congress in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, told Breitbart News Saturday. He contended that it would have to be someone other than President Biden, who “isn’t there” but, rather, is vacationing “all the time.”

“RINOs” do not want change in Washington, DC, Paladino said as he described the current Republican Caucus in the House as a “disaster,” pointing to the Trump era as an example of how to get things done.

The article goes on to state the following:

“People admired him [Trump] for that tenacity,” going after the system every day, Paladino said, particularly “fighting the Washington swamp.”

Paladino said that Trump “would be able to do wonderful things for this country” if he could get a second therm.

However, he noted, “We got all these headaches. We got Mar-a-Lago. We got all these distractions, which are, which are just planted there. It seems like it’s all been pre-planned in some respect.”

Noting the lack of leadership in Joe Biden, Paladino speculated that someone is behind the scenes “pulling the strings,” and suggested it could be Susan Rice, director of the United States Domestic Policy Council.

“They’re out there really wanting an illegitimate government because Biden is just not around. I mean, is not only physically, but mentally. I don’t think he’s around. He’s not engaged,” he said.

Paladino said former President Barack Obama is “still very active in our, in our government” and “works through people like [Ron] Klain and Susan Rice, all of whom come from the [George] Soros world.”

He also ripped into Attorney General Merrick Garland, but suggested he is just a “front man” as well.

Susan Rice has not tweeted a word about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

CLICK HERE to listen to the full interview.

Slamming his GOP opponent, New York State Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy, Paladinio tweeted on Monday, “My opponent is the Buffalo News endorsed/approved candidate. The Buffalo News has viscously smeared President Trump, its not shocking they approve of my Never Trump funded opponent.”

“EARLY VOTING has started here in New York. We need America First Patriots to FLOOD the polls in #NY23. You can vote early through August 21st,” Paladino tweeted.

Rep. Elise Stephanik tweeted on Saturday, “Early voting starts today for the #NY23 Primary 🗳️ Get out and vote for @CarlPaladinoNY. Carl is a conservative outsider who will be a tireless fighter for #NY23 and the America First movement. We need Carl in Congress.”

Paladino responded, “Thank you, @EliseStefanik! I am very proud to have your endorsement. Together, we will save New York and fire Nancy Pelosi! Vote Early #NY23.”

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  1. So tired of the rhino republicans doing nothing besides sending letters and complaining publicly. All talk and no action

    • 100% Agree, Susan Rice is a mole, a schemer, an Obama puppet, and a Traitor. It’s a matter of time till they eventually take over this country. With the backing of Soros !

  2. Rice is a proven liar, schemer, and Obama operative. And what the hell does a Domestic Policy Council even do anyway, if not plot against the country? So, entirely plausible.


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