VIDEO: NYT Columnist Melts Down Over Trump’s ‘Real Resonance’ With Americans

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New York Times columnist Mara Gay fretted about former President Donald Trump’s “real resonance” with Americans Friday.

“At a time when we could be having very important debates over climate change, over how to make the economy work for everyday Americans and make sure our kids can do better than our parents did, or even fix the gun control laws so that our children aren’t being mowed down, why are we still talking about this dystopia?” Gay asked a MSNBC panel. “Because the fears that Donald Trump and the radical Republicans are playing to have very real resonance with Americans.”

Trump said in a Thursday video the biggest threat the United States faced was “some of the horrible, U.S.A. hating people that represent us” and the “abolition of our national borders.”

“This is the language not just of dystopia, but of fascism, of white supremacy. This is coded language, and I think it’s really important that we just kind of break down what that means,” Gay said.

“In this case, say to Donald Trump, what America are you talking about that is this greatest threat to Western civilization? What is it? Is it pluralism?” Gay asked. “Is it the fact that immigrants want to still come here, as you pointed out, Joe? Is it the fact that there are thriving cities in the United States that are filled with a diverse group of people that’s a threat?”


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  1. Ahh, she can bite my chalupa. She’s from twilight zone for sure. I’m so tired of these so called journalists who have no common sense.

  2. Journalist gay, get your head out of your anal canal. Trump is not the President now. joe biden, your golden boy, liar in thief, commander of nothing, dumb ass donkey butt is the one who should be talking about ways to improve our economy, the fuel crisis, the southern border crisis, inflation, ways to put food on the table for families, the homeless crisis in America, antifa and blm and their crimes in the streets, shootings, muggings and murders in democratic run shitholes in the US due to lack of adequate police protection in major cities because of your asshole democrats defunding them, and so much more. Instead, you put the blame on Trump. GFY bitch, your head is so far up your anal canal, you need a colonoscopy to suck it out. Seek mental help after your head is removed from your anal canal if any brain matter remains. That would be a start. gay, you are as stupid as kamala harris. Same deadbeat word salad bullshit as harris. Just what does she do. She was asked this week, “just what is your job” and she was stopped dead in her tracks. She had no answer.

  3. Where is our so called president when inflation is rampant, teaching sex and nonsense in schools, and we have guys in dresses in the military and in the government? He is mostly not working and going to his home all the time!!!!!
    This woman should get her facts straight!!!!!!

  4. The wacko so called media can get their heads out off their ass and see what the libtards are doing to our country

  5. We got a pastor named Greg Locke that can run this country over been listening to him for 3 years very smart he’s on Facebook bring God back into America try him

  6. They’re not being stupid or ignorant. At this point, they’re just being obtuse. They already know Trump isn’t anti-immigrant or anti-diversity,but they pretend otherwise, just as they knew he didn’t collide with Putin but pretended otherwise.

  7. Biden is the racist!!!!! Trump
    Never ever made any racists comments!!! Where are all ties radical republicans!!!!! There is real video of Biden not wanting Hunter going to school
    With black kids!!!!! Play that video!! Then tell me again who is the racist!!!! CNN you are a bold face LIAR!!!!!!!!

  8. Ms. Gay is truly delusional. “thriving cities in the U.S. filled with a diverse group of people…” ?? Most cities in the country are hell holes and spiraling out of control on a daily basis. This woman needs professional help.


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