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Some heroes save the day even when they’re off the clock.

Police officer Brian Wilson with the Columbus, Ohio, police department is one such hero, having recently rescued a 2-year-old girl who almost drowned.

The article goes on to state the following:

The girl’s mom, Mary Giedeman, told FOX News that she, her boyfriend Stephen Lopez and their daughter Carmella had recently moved to Columbus, and were staying at a friend’s house while they searched for their own home.

Giedeman and her daughter just returned from grocery shopping and she let her dog outside while she put away her groceries. She noticed pretty quickly that the house seemed very quiet.

“When your kid gets quiet, it’s like, oh, what are they doing, they’re into something,” Giedeman told FOX. “Normally it takes me a minute to realize it, but something kicked in right away.”

She went to find out why her daughter was so quiet and noticed she hadn’t shut the door completely when letting the dog outside.

Giedeman immediately ran outside and found her daughter floating in the pool.

“I dove in and I pulled her out and put her on the deck,” Giedeman said. But, Giedeman said she doesn’t know how to do CPR so she started screaming.

Officer Wilson, who lives five houses down heard Giedeman’s screams and ran to the house.

“I was definitely worried,” Wilson told FOX News. “I mean, I’ve done CPR a few times in my career. That was the first time I’ve done it on a child. And quite honestly, just the way she looked, the way she felt, you know, she was very limp.”

After several tries performing CPR, the off-duty officer was able to get the child resuscitated. Medics arrived and took the child to the hospital where she made a full recovery.

Giedeman said, “We always say, ‘Brian saved her,’ but really in reality, he saved all of us because we would not be OK remotely ever if he hadn’t gotten there…if he hadn’t showed up.”

WATCH the segment here:

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  1. Wonderful ending to what could have been a tragic ending. Thank you Officer Brian for being there for this family and thank you God for putting him there. A lock on the door, high up where little hands can’t reach is a good thing to have when you have a pool.


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