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A 17 year-old boy killed himself hours after an online ‘sextortionist’ tricked him into sending a nude photo, then blackmailed him for $5,000.

Ryan Last, a straight-A student from San Jose, died by suicide in February just hours after being approached by a creep posing as a girl on a social media app.

The article goes on to state the following:

The sicko sent Ryan, who attended Sobrato High School, a naked photo they claimed was of themselves, then asked him to send one back in return.

Last was a Boy Scout, and had just finished visiting several colleges he was considering attending. Then he was approached by the scammer, who tricked him into sending the photo.

After he sent the photo, the scammer first demanded $5,000 cash, threatening to share the picture online if he didn’t pay up.  When he pleaded that he didn’t have that much money, they asked for $150, which he sent from his college savings.

However, the demands for money continued, until Ryan finally took his own life, leaving a suicide note for his devastated mother, explaining what happened.

The report notes that an alarming ‘sextortion’ trend is growing, where scammers target young boys. According to the FBI, there were over 18,000 cases reported last year, with families losing more than $13 million.

Last’s father, Hagen Last, shared the following details in a Facebook post on March 5:

This is hard to talk about. But we think that we need to let people know what happened to us, since no family should have to go through what we are currently going through.

Today we said good by to our beloved son Ryan. Ryan went from being a happy teenager, planning his upcoming 18th birthday, looking forward to going to college and doing his Eagle Scout project to taking his last breath in just a couple of hours.

We thought we did everything correctly protecting our boys from any online threats. But Ryan still became the victim of an online scam that ended with blackmail. In the end he got so embarrassed and scared that he only saw one way out.

We want to help to make sure that this will not happen to any other family. And the best way to do that is to help educate parents and children about what dangers exist on the internet.

We also want you parents out there go hug your kids and re-emphasize that they can always come to you no matter how much trouble they think they are in.

We will be holding a celebration of life event for Ryan in April. Please DM us if you want to join us for that and we will send you details. Please also consider to donate money to a suicide prevention organization of your choice instead of sending flowers. Organizations to consider are @WithHopeFoundation and @JedFoundation.

Please also check out @SVICAC for information on how to best protect your children.

Below is an interview with the boy’s mother, Pauline Stuart:

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  1. Personally, I don’t care. If people are dumb enough to send naked pictures on the web to anyone for any reason they will suffer the consequences of their willful actions.

  2. There’s evil in this world, targeting our children ! I’m so sorry this happened, I hope the evil person who did this gets payback soon.

  3. 18,000 people are out over 13 million dollars?????? They need to put a bullet between the eyes of every single one of those extortionist!

  4. Next time, guys, send in someone else’s photo.

    Say, is this what happened to Hunter Biden? Maybe they’ll tell us next that he is the innocent victim of one of these online sextortionists.


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