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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic New York Rep. Yvette Clarke were reportedly seen Tuesday night at a Washington D.C. bar violating the district’s mask mandate, a video obtained by the Daily Caller shows.

In the video, both Pelosi and Clarke can be seen speaking to a small group inside the “crazy golf club” at Swingers in Dupont Circle. Others in the crowd can be seen not wearing a mask either. Pelosi appears to have her arm around Clarke, who is smiling without a mask. Democratic D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Monday that the indoor mask mandate will be lifted on Nov. 22.

The article goes on to state the following:

The CDC released guidelines May 13 that said masks are no longer required to be worn inside by fully vaccinated people in “most” situations. The CDC has since changed the guidance to require masks be worn inside, referencing the delta variant.

According to the current mandate in DC, masks “must be worn inside “any business or establishment open to members of the public (including but not limited to: grocery stores, restaurants and bars (when not eating or drinking), places of worship, gyms, office buildings, libraries, indoor entertainment venues, and common areas of apartment or condominium complexes).”


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  1. Those with vaccinations should be required to wear the masks. After all, because the vaccines are not 100 percent effective, their “leakage” is what is going on to create the variants we’re now seeing. That is to say that the variants are being created by the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated.

    Besides, on November 5, in response to an attorney’s FOIA request, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that it has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading COVID after recovering from COVID.

    Also, last year researchers in Wuhan, China, conducted a screening program using PCR testing for viral RNA among 10 million participants aged between 10 and 89. Trained staff interviewed participants on their history of COVID. Asymptomatic positive cases were those who had a positive result on screening with neither a history of COVID diagnosis nor any clinical symptoms at the time of the nucleic acid testing. The researchers found no “viable virus” in cultures from asymptomatic samples. While more studies need to be done, this data indicates that the asymptomatic are not contributing to the transmission of COVID as previously assumed.

    Finally, a nonprofit group called Policy Exchange recently facilitated a filmed interaction between British politician Jeremy Hunt and Microsoft founder and COVID vaccine proponent Bill Gates. Gates admitted that COVID vaccines now on the market “help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce transmission.”

    If the vaccines “only slightly reduce transmission,” and those who receive the injections have shown no immunity to the virus, shouldn’t THEY be the ones wearing the masks? After all, the unvaccinated either have had COVID and recovered, giving them natural immunity, or they have thus far demonstrated imperviousness to the virus and, being asymptomatic, likely will not transmit the virus. If masks are to be mandated, they should be worn by the more vulnerable among us — i.e., the vaccinated.

  2. Swingers bar???? Swingers bar?? We are talking about a mask?? Speaker of the House at a swingers bar and its mask discussion??? Okay then let’s not focus in on the fact the gran nan of sanfran is at a swingers bar

  3. I couldn’t imagine any one wanting that. ( things that make you go brr) I’m pretty sure it’s for the booze and if it’s a place where that’s NOT going on (🤢🤢) without the booze it might be fun . How ever if it does maybe they use the mask as a blindfold. Either way the mask mafia should arrest them all

  4. I’m about to vomit! Swing with Pooplosi? Now we really know what scum she really is! I guess they have all slept to the top like Kamala!

  5. I guess she’s aending us a message that COVID isn’t so bad as they’re making it out to be. Look at her age and all the breakout COVID and if she’s not scared to go without a mask why should we be.


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