(Commenting on)  VIDEO: Pelosi responds after Trump blames her for January 6 Capitol protest



  1. She is such a liar!! She knows she turned down the National Guard and she who let Soros busses in the middle of the night with people to help the attack on the Capitol. She always did things to make Trump look bad!! Trump 2024!!

  2. Pelosi is delusional. She is responsible. Her evilness knows no bounds. She needs to retire and shut her tired old pie hole. She has done enough damage to this country.

    • Wonder why her decrepit daughter was in the area filming January 6th. I suppose piglosi told her to come and film so she could frame Trump. Does this skank actually think Americans are stupid. I got news for her. We know piglosi was behind this entire scheme. This skank had it already planned along with the other filth that follows her. Reason piglosi, bowser (mayor of DC) and Seargeant at arms michael stenger (now dead from natural causes) turned Trump down with his offer of 10,000 National Guard Troops. He offered those Troops days before January 6th.

      • Pelosi said in an interview that whatever it takes Trump wouldn’t get a second term. I wish I could remember what msm I saw it on. I wanna say it was ABC. I’ve never seen it repeated either. I don’t watch any msm news anymore. You’re right about PELOSI’S daughter. Very suspicious.

      • You want to know how stupid the people are, she will be re-elected.thar should tell you everything about the sick sheeple iN America…..

  3. She’s getting extremely inarticulate in her old age. It must be a chore to transcribe her comments on these interviews. People of an advanced age, still holding official office, need to step down. Certainly no one in the private sector would hire them. She’s projecting here, about TRUMP projecting. Democrats always blame others for what they themselves are doing. 😂

  4. I’d like to know the timeline on asking/offering of troops.

    Did Trump offer and Pelosi turn down AND the she ask for troops and Trump didn’t send them?

    Somebody isn’t telling the truth so what’s the timeline?

  5. Think about it trolls, why does scumbags like PIGlosi always end up on the commie networks? Spreading their lies and false narratives is the only thing they are capable of. Commies

  6. Drop dead already, you despicable k u n t. Take hillary, maxine waters, the squad, and the hags from the view with you. All of you are useless.

  7. Nancy it DEMONratic operatives that instigated the disorder at the Capitol, disguised FBI AGENTS and Ray Epps. Only people killed were Our President Trump supporters. You were responsible for Capitol security and you let the disorder happen. There was no insurrection. President Trump told the people to PEACEFULLY march to the Capitol and protest. Which they did.

  8. Pelosi is lying as usual! As Trump said,they have the letter proving the military request was turned down by Pelosi and the DC mayor. California do not vote this wicked woman back in office.Her hatred for Trump has been there since he became president. Shame on you Pelosi!!!

  9. She IS responsible!!! The first 100+/- people to enter the building were Antifa/BLM getting off buses and putting their Trump hats and shirts on while deboarding. The doors, which have 2 codes, weigh more than a ton a piece, open from the inside. It’s not like walking into a Walmart or Kohl’s.
    The Demonrats knew it would as happening, they weren’t in their seats or offices and in the safety tunnels.
    Such a whack job

  10. How much is Old Nancy worth? She came into office in 1987. Her net worth is $43 million and $202 million depending on the value of real estate assets, stock investments and other private assets. How did she and her husband make so much money? I don’t trust anyone in government who wasn’t already rich to be truth worthy
    She’s lying, she & her husband should be locked up. She was responsible for security, she did nothing. Why did the police help the public into the capital building?

  11. she speaks of projection… dems are the masters of projection.. just know whatever they accuse us of… that is exactly what they are doing or have already done!!
    Go home Nancy, get some teeth that fit your nasty mouth!


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