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Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday declined to entertain the possibility of Congress passing a standalone extension of the child tax credit if it isn’t extended through the social spending package before the end of the month.

Pelosi said the current expiration of the child tax credit slated for the end of December is “really important leverage” to keep pressure on senators to pass the Build Back Better (BBB) Act, President Biden’s social spending and climate package.

The article goes on to state the following:

The social spending package as passed by the House last month would extend the child tax credit, which was expanded under Democrats’ COVID-19 relief package, for one year.

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  1. And so it begins they give it to you and then they take it away from you to force you into compliance for something else well my kids are grown so suck it up pigolosi

  2. Hey if you all don’t get nobody to blame but the democrats. She basically said they would use it as leverage. So liberals don’t come hating the republicans. Put the blame at the democrats feet. where it belongs at.

  3. Just further proves the fact that Refrigerator nancy doesn’t give a royal flip about We, The People.

    she just wants to get whatever she has her sights on, regardless of whether it’s good for the people.

    I sure hope that nancy-fans see that all citizens are just leverage for her to get what she wants / what she’ll benefit from.

    she’s a despicable bottom feeder.


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