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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Thursday said the Jan. 6 committee will continue to seek the truth about the cause of the deadly Capitol attack despite GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy pulling all his Republican members from serving on the panel.

“It’s my responsibility as Speaker of the House to make sure we get to the truth on this, and we will not let their antics stand in the way of that,” Pelosi said Thursday during a news conference at the Capitol.

The article goes on to state the following:

Pelosi on Wednesday blocked two of McCarthy’s five appointments from serving on the committee – Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Jim Banks, R-Ind., – citing their statements that she said dismissed the seriousness of the attack and undermined the integrity of the committee’s work. McCarthy responded by boycotting the committee and not allowing his three Pelosi-approved picks from serving on the panel.

Pelosi defends her decision by blocking Jordan and Banks and said they, “made statements and took actions that just made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth.”

Pelosi said that the committee work will be “non-partisan.”

“We’re there to get the truth, not to get Trump,” Pelosi said.

CSPAN tweeted a clip of the briefing and said, “[email protected] ‘As the legislation allows, I didn’t accept two of the five people were appointed. They had made statements and taken actions that I think would impact the integrity of the committee. The work of the committee. This is deadly serious.'”

Newt Gingrich tweeted his thoughts saying, “Pelosi may be setting a precedent which will destroy them when Republicans regain control. The new Republican majority could insist that all committee assignments come through the Republicans. She is behaving as if there is no future but she is setting up a disaster in 2023.”

“Every house democrat should be pressed at home about supporting the Pelosi dictatorship and Kevin McCarthy should begin a campaign to find 5 or 10 Democrats with the guts to join Republicans in replacing Pelosi. Every Democrat who sticks with her should be opposed as her puppet.”

“Pelosi’s dictatorship is becoming more and more anti-American. There are no precedents for a Speaker of one party to seize control of the minority party’s seats on a committee. Pelosi increasingly behaves as a dictatoir.”

Reporter Melanie Zanona tweeted, “NEWS: Speaker Pelosi is considering adding GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger to the select committee on Jan. 6, sources tell me. When asked at a presser earlier today whether she’d appoint any Republicans to the panel, Pelosi said: ‘We’ll see.'”

Watch the full press conference here:

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  1. Apparently Nancy thinks we are all just as stupid as she. She set this entire thing up with the FBI, she should be questioned, she should be charged, she should be jailed , she should be removed for good. She’s a liar, a thief, and a multi tasking criminal.

  2. Just Evil Evil Evil and one of the most unjust things she’s pulled.
    So, let’s open hearings on all the Democrats who actually told people to go cause unrest.
    This whole thing is political because they can’t stand that Trump did so much for the People and not so much for their bribe taking fellow politicians.

  3. Whose antics are we talking about Nancy. Yours. You are the worst speaker ever. Hope you enjoy your deep state pay. You anti American witch.

  4. Are the democrats ever going to wake up and rid themselves of Pelosi, before their party and our country are completely destroyed???

  5. Pelosi is the most partisan person ever! Omar on Foreign Affairs committee and she hates the Jews. Pelosi’s stating she would impeach Trump before he was even elected and if he was elected again. Worked four years for squat, trying to impeach him, wasting tax payer’s money. May she go go down this year. Cannot stand the woman.

  6. Come on McCarthy start charges on this wicked woman…she isn’t for America and neither is the Biden administration. The only antics being played are hers.

  7. Fu*k all the way off Nancy you moronic useless twat. What a colossal waste of taxpayer money and resources this lunatics idiotic career has been. I couldn’t come up with another instance of such waste.

  8. What a joke! She wouldnt know truth if it bit her in her old ass. Nothing but a disgusting drunk ( check out her liquor bills) Trump is still in her head, ‘This isnt about Trump’….of course it is,every democrat is scared of him. This is nothing more than another democratic witch hunt, if they were concerned about truth and violence ,why dont you start with BLM & antifa? Smh…..,vile ,deceitful ,disgusting, washed up POS….

  9. She doesn’t care about the people…just herself and her pocketbook! I want to know her role in the Jan 6 incident! 🤮

  10. Nancy is covering her ass. She was involved in letting them in. Why would you allow people to come in the Capitol. I saw Capitol police waving people in. This was a st up. I hope the uncover the truth and place Nancy in handcuffs.


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