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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., suggested Tuesday that Americans are uninformed about President Biden’s agenda and what he has worked to do in the White House, but concluded that those who call the United States home are “blessed” to have him as president.

Asked for a reasoning behind Biden’s “decline” in polling on certain issues, including COVID-19 and inflation, Pelosi told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell that she believes the president’s work is misunderstood and that his State of the Union address will be “very important” because it will provide him an opportunity to talk about it.

The article goes on to state the following:

“For people to appreciate what the president has done, and that working together with the Congress, they have to know what it is,” Pelosi said, referencing a quote from President Abraham Lincoln on the values of “public sentiment.”

“With it you can accomplish almost everything, without it, practically nothing,” Pelosi said, echoing Lincoln. “But people have to know for public sentiment, too.”

Pelosi said “people still are suffering” in America and the “issues that relate to the well-being of the American are being well-served” under Biden. “There’s no one more empathetic than Joe Biden.”

“There’s no one who cares more. We’re so blessed that he’s president at this time because we do have to build America better and that’s what he is doing,” she added.


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      • Absolutely we are informed of his corruption in China, Russia & Ukraine with his son AND the corrupt politicians such as her and the Dems!!! I am appalled by her arrogant & divisive behavior by blaming US Citizens! Like Ukraine we will fight for our Freedoms 🇺🇸♥️

  1. You don’t need to be informed when you see that it takes more to fill up your gas tank or put food on your table, then it did 2 years ago,

  2. What reality or planet is this jackass from? What a complete idiot. YOU are misinformed. You don’t know anything. You’re a 200 year old witch.

  3. Yea for who?The democrats are all about filling their pockets robbing us blind.We the people get poorer while they get richer.

  4. The American people are well informed. I just came from the grocery store,Meat is twice the price everything else is much higher too.Had to fill the gas tank and price is two dollars higher than when President Trump was in charge.The border is wide open to terrorists and other scum from third world countries.China ships fentanyl to Mexico and then gets smuggled in to kill people.We are being dragged into a war that’s none of our business.Russia China North Korea and Iran are emboldened because of his weakness.Buying oil any gas from Russia and Mideast countries while our pipeline and drilling have been stopped.Build Back Better really means turning us into a socialist country.Now they have put up a fence around the capitol and called in the National Guard.Only tyrants and dictators need this type of protection.There hasn’t been one positive thing this administration has done for Americans

  5. You don’t need to be misinformed when we can see what’s not going in our pockets and see 50$ at the grocery store gets you 2 bags or what it costs to put gas in your tank to get to work. That’s not being misinformed it’s called reality

  6. As usual, the truth is the exact opposite of the BS they sling! Most of us are extremely informed and see the writing on the wall.

  7. Or maybe Americans see all too clearly that he is a corrupt man who shows little interest in the American people’s best interest. I consider him guilty of treason for the border alone.

  8. We know shes a sorry excuse for a person and horrendous as a representative. The policies she has suppirted thru the years has brought Americans down. I hope someone tears up her documents on live TV one day. That was so childish.

  9. PELOSI is as delusional as Biden!!🤣😂 Is she going to rip up his speech!! I think a nuclear bomb could drop on is and she would still support him!!😡👎

  10. Biden approval low because we are informed. More need to get informed as his approval rating should be -ZERO

  11. She is such a looser. His approval ratings are low because he doesn’t have a clue how to run a country and he is ruining it!!!

  12. This is exactly how all DemonCrats think. “The American citizen is too dumb to know what’s good for them, so let us tell them “. And you people who vote for these retards, are just like them, I just can’t believe the stupidity that comes out of their mouths. I’m not sure who’s really in charge, but Obama is a foreigner, Pelosi is the town drunk, and Hillary is the wicked witch of the West.

  13. BS
    People are informed that is why his numbers are low. We are informed at the gas pump, the grocery store and many other places. Pelosi is a nut job!!

  14. Someone get some rooms because these people need some mental help. Delusional Nancy & if she really thinks people can’t see what’s going on then she needs to resign along with a bunch of congress. Truly delusional.

  15. Biden has no idea what is going on , Pelosi is a drunk old hag, we have the weakest leadership since Clinton and we are the laughing stock of the world. We should have already stopped buying anything from Russia and we should be helping Ukraine the election was stolen Trump is the real president and we need him

  16. Well he never takes any questions whereas Trump took every question asked of him! He’s always talking about Cornpop and putting a dead dog on a lady’s doorstep, both LIES! All he does is lie, eat ice cream and crap his pants!!! We’re well informed on the evil man who isn’t in the White House or allowed in the pentagon!!! LETS GO BRANDON!!!

  17. She’s out of her mind. My wallet informs me daily exactly how bad it is. The video and news stories tells me all I need to know about violence and boarder crossing along with drug seizures so don’t talk to the public like we are stupid and uninformed. It’s you and others like you that if you were doing the shopping in the stores we do ours you wouldn’t think twice about the cost and you would swipe a card without wanting to choke at what you were charged. So Nancy I hate to tell you, but neither you or Biden need to tell me what he’s done for us. We know what it is and it’s a big fat zero.

  18. There are no words for this evil, vile woman. She wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked her in the face. This joke of an administration has done nothing to help we the people. 😡😡😡


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