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Democrats have yet to pass their $1.75 trillion social spending bill, but at the COP26 climate conference on Tuesday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi included some of the bill’s key goals when discussing actions that the Biden administration has already taken.

Pelosi was discussing President Biden’s commitments to addressing climate change and the role women will play, when she took a moment to point to what she said were the administration’s accomplishments thus far.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We’re here to report on what we have done,” Pelosi said, going on to refer to “a nearly trillion dollar investment in Build Back Better and bipartisan infrastructure framework” that “recognizes the interconnectiveness [sic] of climate change and gender justice and enables women and girls to lead a just transition to clean energy economy of the future.”

The report explains that Pelosi referred to multiple “bills,” then highlighted several provisions in the social spending bill that Democrats are still hoping to put into place.

When asked why she included the items under her list of “what we have done,” Pelosi’s spokesperson, Drew Hammill, reasoned, “We’ve passed the rule on the Build Back Better Act so the legislation has been advanced beyond the extensive committee process.”

“It’s an honor to join Members of Congress in Glasgow, Scotland’s @COP26 for bilateral meetings, panel discussions & engagements with global leaders on top climate priorities, including the recent IPCC report, gender equity and public-private sector coordination on climate action,” Pelosi tweeted on Tuesday from Scotland.

Over the weekend, Pelosi declared, “When the House returns, we will pass our #BuildBackBetter Act. Together, our bills will forge the greatest progress for families in a generation.”

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  1. Piglosi I’d an @$$, the biden administration has done NOTHING to help America or its citizens. Opened the boarders, caused supply chain problems, took us from energy independence to again reling on countries like Russia and Saudi Arabi for our fuel supplies, raising the cost of EVERYTHING we use and need. So how has this jerk did anything good for our country

  2. How is she going to get people not to fart if we are going to have zero pollution. We know her plans are to get rid of the a I also so they can’t fart. Best thing to do is get rid of her and the Democrats and we will be at zero pollution.

  3. Build back Bad is their logo. Pelousey and the other swamp are getting rich off the American people. Bidum has done jack shit!! Has run the Country into the ground. Being a puppet and President only by name, these demon thug criminals are destroying America for their own personal gain. China and Russia and other Countries are laughing at us, cause they know the U.S is being sold out and they will soon own us as we will be dependent on them for all their resources. What is it that Pelousey said they have done? 0!!!! I wonder how much of the trillion plus dollar spending bill goes into their own pockets. Thanks RINO’s for helping their odds at making their agenda happen. And you think they care about you. Not an ounce!!


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