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Pete Buttigieg told Christians Sunday that getting vaccinated against coronavirus is ‘part of God’s plan’ as a new poll shows 30% of white evangelicals will definitely refuse to get inoculated.

‘You have been outspoken on issues of your personal faith. Otherwise, I normally wouldn’t bring this up,’ CNN’s Jake Tapper posed to Buttigieg. ‘Why do you think it is that so many of your fellow white evangelical Christians are reluctant to be vaccinated? And what’s your message to them?’

The article goes on to state the following:

‘You know, sometimes, I have heard people, people I care about, saying, if I’m faithful, God’s going to take care of me,’ the Transportation secretary said in his interview with ‘State of the Union’ Sunday morning.

He continued, “And I guess what I would hope they might consider is that maybe a vaccine is part of God’s plan for how you’re going to take care of yourself. In the end, I have to admit that it’s unlikely that an official like me is going to be persuasive to somebody who maybe doesn’t feel like Washington has been speaking to them for a long time.’

Buttigieg explained, ‘Pastors – I mean, the very word pastor, the idea of pastoral care is about supporting those who look to you for guidance. And, usually, we think of that in a spiritual sense, but, sometimes, that could also just be true for health.’

He said, ‘And so I hope anybody who is looking after a community of people, including a faith community, will consider ways to help guide them towards steps that can protect them and protect those around them.”

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  1. No no no this man is a product of the devil. The Antichrist. Please nobody listen to this evil evil idiot! I am appalled and pray God takes care of these evil evil person.

  2. I’m no bible thumper but I’m a very firm believer that when it’s my time no mask no vaccine is going to save me, it’s all in GODS hand and I’ll leave it to him not their poison or their mask, God gotten me through to much to doubt him now, he’s in control, some call me a fool but I’ve survived a stroke, cancer, colon exploding and many other things this flu isn’t going to get me and if it does I’m more then ready to go home again.

  3. Buttcheck must be the flavor of the week. I have seen him all over the”news media” the last couple of days. He lies just as much as biden.

  4. So now we have a gay Secretary of transportation becoming a minister? What a liar he is. He is way in over his head. Maybe he should just keep his mouth shut he’ll still get paid for his ignorance

  5. Now this devil’s spawn believes he knows what God wants for us. No this so called vaccine is actually an experimental drug from the devil. No thank you, I will only obey what is in the Bible and not to any of these false prophet.

  6. This guy probably doesn’t even believe in God. Just more bs being blown up our butts. Typical dummocrat, just say whatever

  7. Buttiplug is an Idiot who’s only claim to fame is He’s a Queer failed Preseidential Candidate and a Terrible Mayor, He shouldn’t be in any Conversation as any kind of Authority of Anything.

  8. Well, God didn’t tell ME this is part of His plan for MY life. I’ll wait on God, not the gay Secretary of Transportation.

  9. This isn’t GODS plan at all our government wants to control us people they are lying to you all?

    Just do your home work on this virus
    Take care of your immune system,

    People if you do your research you will find out they are lying to all of us why big pharma putting pressure on doctors who are talking against the virus or who using chlorophyll to save lives doctors are being fired because big pharma sending millions of dollars to these hospital and asking them to firer these doctors? Doctor Simone gold is one of these doctors? People they are lying to us all? It’s all about control just like hitler? The truth hurt
    Wake up we need to stand togther and fight ask yourself why they trying to control our constitution, 2nd Amendment and freedom of speech and freedom of religion? Why they trying to abolish
    Then all if they don’t want control people stop watching CNN or any other news outlet

    God is watching

  10. I am sick of hearing this gay “abomination” in the news. I have to hear it here too on DML? He disgusts me. Nothing he has to say is important, I hide any news on Facebook and “poof” he’s gone from the newsfeed. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Giving us advice on GOD? What a JOKE! Start praying for your own “soul” Wall Street Pete…

  11. Hey Pete be careful. God is watching. How dare you try to guilt anyone into taking this vile vaccine. You are evil to the core. Christians know what is up with your evil plan. You are a minion of the devil. May God have mercy on your soul.

  12. No the vaccine is not a part of god’s plan. God designed our immune system the way he saw fit. Not to take a vaccine that could possibly alter our immune system. God has a plan for my life and if my plan is to get Covid and die then so be it. Its part of god’s plan for me. To me taking the vaccine is just like a sin against God. The reason being it’s like you’re saying that the immune system God created is not adequate enough to handle this virus.

  13. Pete, come on man, they must have been giving away Rhodes Scholarships the day they let you in. Walk away from your oerversion first, then we can talk about an ineffective vaccine. Look at the immediate uptick in virus cases where the vaccine is being give — like Isreal where they just discovered it is ineffective against the African CoVid19 strain. Follow the real science Pete

  14. This pee pee puffer needs to chill ,, amazing the stuff that comes out of his mouth ,, well guess it fits compared to what he puts in it !!

  15. Gods plan doesnt put a patent on a virus to begin with then turn an make a put a patent on the vaccine to supposedly cure it. You’re another POS criminal.

  16. The Devils deciple will never be heard! Dems NOTHING BUT HABITIAL STRAIGHT JACKET LIERS!
    Dems are nothing but a devil cult now! Murdering killers of this country!

  17. The Bible doesn’t say anything about God wants everyone to get the vaccine. He is part of the devils plan though. I’m not going to listen to him. He needs Jesus.


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