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White House press secretary Jen Psaki deployed a colorful bit of sarcasm Thursday in response to a question regarding the setbacks that continue to pile up for the Biden administration.

It was a bitter day for the White House that saw the Supreme Court block President Biden’s corporate vaccine mandate and moderate Democrat senators reject a change to the filibuster needed to pass election overhaul legislation, a centerpiece of Biden’s agenda. Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink suggested to Psaki that “things seem like they are going pretty poorly right now” for the administration.

The article goes on to state the following:

The comment drew a retort from Psaki, who said the business of the White House was difficult, and it was not the president’s job to propose frivolous, easy things.

“We could certainly propose legislation to see if people support bunny rabbits and ice cream, but that wouldn’t be very rewarding to the American people,” Psaki sarcastically told the reporter.

WATCH the exchange in the two video clips below:

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  1. Record job growth what a joke…millions stayed at home for covid in the last year now going back just wait till a year from now. So sick it will be never comparable….fuck joe and the dumb redhead bitch..isnt she gone yet

  2. I cannot stand to even listen to her. She is so condescending in tone and waving her hands like she is better than all of us stupid people. Then there is grumpy grandpa that is either whispering or yelling and calling people names. A bunch of chili’s our government

  3. Obama picked her for Joe. She’s a leftover from his admin. Her ability to lie, use insults, condescend and cower the press was the reason. She is hands down the worst press Secretary ever. Her press conferences are stomach acid producing shit shows. The press is pathetic as they sit there like children who have had their knuckles smacked with a ruler by one of the nuns.

  4. This completely illegitimate and fraudulent regime is breaking down everyday. Its fun to watch. The midterms are going to be so delicious.

  5. I laugh every time I hear these morons say low unemployment, among other things. I will be curious what these numbers look like when the money runs out that is going towards paying people to not work. I get 333 every month for no damn reason, I didn’t ask for it. I make decent money and I am sure this money could be better spent elsewhere(probably not with Democrats running the show). I can imagine what some people are getting. These people are making more than when they worked so why go to work. Democrats are dumb ass’s.


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