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White House Press Secretary held a press briefing on Tuesday and was questioned by reporters on the efforts to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan before Biden’s Aug. 31 deadline to fully withdraw troops from the region.

Psaki told reporters that the successful evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan “depends on continued coordination with the Taliban.”

The press secretary was also questioned about the Taliban blocking Afghan citizens from leaving the country.

“Our expectation and what we will continue to convey directly, through the range of channels that we have….those who are eligible, those who we are facilitating their departure, will be able to reach the airport.”

Peter Doocy from Fox News, pressed Psaki on ‘mistakes’ with the vetting process of those who are evacuated, citing a report that an evacuee was suspected to have ISIS ties.

Psaki claimed that the Biden administration is taking the vetting process ‘very seriously.’

“I would say that this is now on track, Peter, to be largest airlift in US history … so no, I would not say that is anything but a success.”

Doocy also pushed back on Psaki’s previous statement that it was “irresponsible” to say Americans are “stranded” in Afghanistan, citing a plea from a mother in Afghanistan who said she was stranded in the region.

Psaki responded by explaining the administration’s process to evacuate Americans, later asking, “If any of you are hearing from American citizens who can’t reach us, give me their contact information and we will get in contact with them.”

Another reporter asked Psaki for specifics on the deadline of August 31, asking if withdrawal will occur at “midnight at the end of August 31st, Afghan time or American time? Is it the end of the 30th heading into the 31st?”

Psaki replied, “I’ll just have to get back to you.”

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  1. OMG – Waiting all day for Biden to talk about his conference call w/G-7 & instead he comes out & first talks about his f’ing 3.5 tril bill in Congress. What a joke 🤬🤬

  2. So, we are depending on the Taliban to successfully get our troops, civilians and Afghan refugees out of Afghanistan. Boy are we in trouble. By the way, Psaki is a liar.

  3. notice how Jen sake uses the wording like if they want to leave Afghanistan that’s their ass cover if they will not or if they refuse to get them out then they’re just going to cover their ass by saying well they didn’t want to leave or they would have been wherever a president that is not a traitor to its country would not let the anybody tell them when where and if they could get their people a good president would go in and get their fucking people turn that place into glass

  4. Since he handed them FULL control indeed this admin now depends on the Taliban for ALL decisions i believe its EXACTLY what this admin wanted pleased as punch they are .

  5. WHAT? The success of us getting our people out depends on our enemy? ARE YOU F&%$ING KIDDING ME? He and his whole administration are disgusting and should all be held accountable for this entire debacle!
    Say what you want about Trump, but this wouldn’t be happening under his watch!!!

  6. Of all times to feel it is appropriate to raise taxes on Americans by passing a Bill..It is the most disgusting news this admin put out yo the people..We need yo be concentrating on the last recovery from lockdown & soon another crisis with another rise plus all the thousands of people we must all pay for. To anyone who voted for this garbage, I pray you live to regret it in more ways than one. The end is coming.

  7. OMG!! Yes- the taliban are about coordinating!!!! These people in are sooooooo stupid or just pathological greedy liars!!!!!!!!! Let this nightmare end!!!! Defund the Democrats!!!!!’ Jesus is pissed!!!!!!!

  8. Tell the fucking Taliban that we evacuate everyone we want and troops will stay until done or we will turn f…ing shit hole into a waffle or glass

  9. So the most powerful country on the planet is supposed to depend on a bunch of crazy cave men to ensure the safety of it’s citizens. Ok. Perhaps someone should explain to this incompetent cabal that the whole reason for government is to protect it’s citizens.

  10. Yeah we know it’s up to the Taliban… Dementia Joe has completely surrendered putting US citizens at their mercy! I’m sure the Taliban will be celebrating for another month after defeating the once strongest military force on earth! I mean how can the US military claim to be the premier fighting force of the world if they can’t even defeat a bunch of goat herders that only fight six months out of the year? Joe has made the US military look like a disgrace… I know the troops could have been pulled out of Afghanistan without it appearing that the US was completely defeated by the Taliban but Biden did it in the worse way possible by being unorganized to the point it appears to be a complete defeat where Americans are forced to go home with their tails hanging down between their legs like a whipped pup!


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