VIDEO: Putin’s army mobilization shatters Russian public’s wartime illusion

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LONDON — The Kremlin has for months fought to maintain a sense of domestic normalcy while pursuing its faltering war in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin’s declaration of a “partial mobilization” has, for some Russians at least, shattered that illusion.

By the time Putin’s recorded announcement was done playing on TV on Wednesday, Russians were scrambling to buy the last available flights out of the country and opposition groups were calling for protests as his order bred a sense of unease at home, just as his nuclear threats sought to do abroad.

For the first time, many draft-age Russian men and their families are contending with the prospect of fighting and dying in a conflict the Kremlin just intensified. It’s a line Putin has seemed loath to cross despite growing pressure, one that analysts warned could backfire on the Kremlin.

“I feel anger for those who made this decision,” said Ksenia, 28, a product manager in Moscow who declined to give her last name out of concern for her safety. “I feel fear for my relatives, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. I imagine myself in their shoes, forced to go off to a war that you didn’t choose, that you don’t support, that they grab you right off the streets to go and fight in.”

After protests broke out in Russia over opposition to the war, over 1,300 people were detained, a rights group said.

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  1. When you think about it, we are in the same boat as these poor Russians. Their government is doing something that the people don’t want and so is ours!

  2. Neither Putin nor Biden has much legitimacy between them. The Russian media lie, but the U.S. media now lie even worse. Putin is becoming unhinged. Biden is senile and demented. They control the nuclear codes and are currently trading threats and insults. What, me worry?

  3. You’re just like another liberal spreading lies. Mobilization only applies to reservists with prior military experience. Russia isn’t fighting Ukraine, Russia is fighting nato. Neocons are worse than libs ugh


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