VIDEO: Reporter Asks Jean-Pierre If She’s ‘Fit’ For Job

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During Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was called out by Today News Africa correspondent Simon Ateba.

Jean-Pierre had been pelted by questions about the classified documents discovered by President Joe Biden’s aides in the presidnet’s private storage spaces. Jean-Pierre repeatedly refered questions on the documents issue to the White House counsel’s office.

Ateba, who has previously scorned Jean-Pierre’s briefings as a “waste of time,” asked her, “Karine, since you don’t have any answer on the classified documents, are you still a great fit for this job?”

Jean Pierre appeared to ignore the question, asking another reporter to proceed with their question.

“Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead, my friend,” she said, according to the White House Briefing Room.

“Because we don’t seem to have any answer from you,” Ateba pressed.

“Is the press briefing a waste of time?” he asked.

The press secretary did not respond.


Ahead of the briefing, Ateba appeared stoic in a picture he posted to Twitter.

In the post, he asked, “The White House press briefing is about to start. What questions do you have for @PressSec Karine Jean-Pierre?”

He later tweeted, “Today was another crazy day in the White House briefing room.

“With @PressSec Karine Jean-Pierre no longer providing any answers to even basic questions on classified documents, I asked her whether she was still a good fit for the job. It’s sad what’s going on.”

Fox News recently reported:

Frustration is mounting among White House correspondents attempting to get answers from White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, as her deflections and obfuscations over questions about President Biden’s handling of classified documents wear thin.

“The White House press corps is incredibly frustrated with Jean-Pierre for refusing to answer any questions about this issue at the briefing room,” a White House reporter told Fox News Digital. “It’s very insulting to reporters especially when she repeatedly says she has answered a question when she very clearly has not. But overall, it’s clear the White House is challenging the fundamental purpose of the briefing room, which is why reporters continue to be aggressive.”

Fox News’ White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich said Wednesday that reporters were being referred to a “black hole” while seeking answers from the White House, the White House Counsel and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“It is frustrating to the press corps here at the White House… we formally asked for the press secretary to bring to the briefing room the attorneys for the president, so that we can ask people these questions, the very people that we’re being directed to and where we’re getting our questions ignored or unanswered or referred elsewhere. And she, again, when posed that question right there in the briefing room today, said well you’ll have to ask them,” Heinrich told Neil Cavuto on Wednesday.

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  1. Totally useless,,,but she checked all the leftie boxes so she got the job, and we see it means nothing that she has no talent, expertise, or intelligence for it. She should be embarrassed but she’s not. Very hard to watch her press conferences, they are a waste of time for the press when she has no answers and keeps repeating the same old lines. The story becomes all about her routine ineptness, and we learn nothing.

  2. Artless dodger .She hasn’t the wit or the depth to even answer with deflective sarcasm. She may as well be a voice message system, with 300 options and a final press zero to reach a non existent operator
    There are no credible answers because what this administration is doing is incredible. It’s totally incredulous , corrupt, and deliberately aimed at destroying our constitutional republic. She has no words that can obfuscate this war against the people, it’s all too obvious we are under attack by Marxists zealots and they are succeeding.

  3. I guess anything pertaining to Biden, their silent. I found a article from August 2020 that reads…. Biden campaign pledges ‘transparent, open’ relationship with press.
    This is article from 2021….. “In a democracy, the public deserves as much transparency as possible regarding the work of our national security institutions, consistent with legitimate needs to protect sources and methods and sensitive foreign relationships,” according to a memorandum issued by President Biden on February 4.

  4. She can’t answer! They are trying to hide the truth and running scared! So she has to dodge the questions which makes everyone say why even bother to attend the “press briefing” as it’s not a briefing at all regarding anything of importance! This whole administration was placed not voted in! They aren’t at all interested in doing anything legally or morally right and of course nothing at all to protect the country and it’s citizens!! Especially our children!!

  5. This is what you get when you hire someone based off of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, as well as being a (D) (Dumba$$).


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