VIDEO: Reporter shares that her mother-in-law was at school during shooting

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A Nashville news reporter has described how her mother-in-law was working on the front desk of Covenant School when the shooter opened fire on Monday morning.

Hannah McDonald, a reporter for NewsChannel 5 Nashville, went on air this afternoon to convey her mother-in-law’s experience in the school.

‘She was outside of the school and she heard gunshots, she had just gotten back from her break,’ said McDonald on air.

McDonald said her husband’s mother worked at the front desk at the Covenant School, a private elementary school in the outskirts of Nashville.

Three children and three adults were killed after a 28-year-old woman opened fire.

McDonald’s husband, Alex Apple, posted the following on Twitter,

‘This one hits close to home. My mom has worked at The Covenant School for nearly two decades. Even my prayers feel inadequate right now.”

McDonalds went on to say,

“She is the one that sits at the front desk. The front door is actually on the side of the building and that’s where she sits. She was at the school this morning, however [she] was able to come out of this safe. She actually stepped away to take a break. And that is why right now I’m torn.”

McDonald said that her mother-in-law had been at the school from early in the day, and before the shooting which took place at around 10am.

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    • Praying for these families and friends who lost their loved ones.
      Here we go again with gun control.
      They need to get teachers shooting lessons so they can be ready for something like this. Could have saved some lives.


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