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A spokesperson for Kyle Rittenhouse discussed the seventh day of the nationally-watched homicide trial in which the defendant took the stand and testified.

David Hancock slammed President Joe Biden on “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday evening for casting Rittenhouse as a White supremacist in a tweet one year ago. “Don’t forget the candidate for the U.S. president himself last year prior to the election called Kyle Rittenhouse a White supremacist. Joe Biden called him a White supremacist; that is appalling. I can’t even gauge how wrong that is.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The spokesperson also blasted the media for getting the facts wrong about the Rittenhouse case.

In September of 2020, Joe Biden posted a video on Twitter suggesting Rittenhouse was a “white supremacist.”

The tweet read, “There’s no other way to put it: the President of the United States refused to disavow white supremacists on the debate stage last night.”

The video in the tweet includes audio of debate moderator Chris Wallace asking then-President Donald Trump if he’ll condemn white supremacist and militia groups. It includes footage of protests across the country, along with a photo and video footage of Rittenhouse, then 17, during protests in Kenosha on Aug. 25, the night he’s accused of killing two people and wounding a third person.

WATCH the interview below, as Hancock speaks with Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham on Wednesday evening.

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  1. Biden should be sued bigtime for that comment!!! Totally irresponsible and without any knowledge whatsoever of Kyles status. Plus the fact that both victims were White!!!!

  2. Remember this anyone that talks and accuses someone of being a white supremacist is a racist white or black supremacist.

    Yup poopy pants Biden I remember you being friends with the kkk wizard Robert Byrd.

    FJBAnd Lets go Brandon

    • I do too! I also met Byrd as a little girl at a relatives house and he scared me. I went to my uncle who had to calm me down. He told my mom later! Kids know!He was a racist but some of my relatives that lived in DC area forget that. Not me!

  3. The clown is a disgrace to America and interesting what he posted about trump. His day will come and hopefully more dirt will turn up about him and his corrupt son

  4. If you are a white republican you are automatically a white supremaist , domestic terrorist oh and let’s not forget the Lt. Governor elect is a white supremaist even though she’s black along with any other black Republican. Notice the left didn’t even acknowledge her although she is the first woman & black person to ever hold that office. Hypocrites So by their logic every democrat is a communist loving person.

  5. The Democrats play the race card all the time! How many lives destroyed because of the Liberals, Democrats and media bias! Accusing conservatives of racism when they are the biggest racists of all!! I pray Kyle is exonerated for everything!


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