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Megadeth lead singer and guitarist — and one of the founding members of Metallica — Dave Mustaine told a crowd during a concert in New Jersey last week that “we have the power” to push back against the “tyranny” Americans are living under right now.

“Is there anybody here besides me who’s having a great fucking time?” Mustaine asked, to which the crowd responded with an affirmative roar.

The article goes on to state the following:

“But I just wanna tell you how great it is — look around you guys, look to your right, look to your left, and look how wonderful this is,” Mustaine continued. “We’re all here together, we’re not in fucking bags, you know? We’re not freaking out, and we’re not yelling at people: ‘Where’s your fucking mask?’”

He quipped, “Where’s your mask, you loud cow?” The crowd began to chant, “USA! USA! USA!” and “Fuck Joe Biden!”

Mustaine continued, “It starts with this kind of sensation that we feel right now, where we feel together, we feel like there’s strength in numbers. We feel we are invincible. People will not be able to stop us.”

He added, “See, the thing right now that’s going on, is tyranny. This is called tyranny. Look it up when you get home. And tyranny isn’t only in government. Tyranny right now is in the schools, and tyranny is in the medical business.”

Warning Explicit Language:

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  1. I don’t agree with the language he used but he hit the nail on the head. We can beat back the tyranny if we all stand together!!! That is the only way we will do it

  2. Dave wrote song a long time ago called “Peace sells… but who’s buying? He has always had a finger on the pulse. Elvis writ a song called “now or never”, that should be our theme song!!

    • Oh, you’re sure of that? And it sounds to you like he’s OK with ‘vaccines’ and having to prove it?
      You’d have to be pretty dense to think that.

  3. I have loved Megadeth for years i agree 10000% with him . Dave has been through ALOT including cancer and is still.standing and still multitalented , Mincing language at this point is useless he’s expressing how rotten it’s been / is .

  4. Wow, who would of thought a San Francisco dude would feel like this.. Good for Dave!! Hope he dosent get CANVELED … BUT IM WITH HIM N THE CROWD….F..K JOE BIDEN!!! AND HIS DISASTER OF AN ADMINISTRATION!!!!

  5. You know things aren’t right when we’re getting more moral guidance from a foul-mouthed heavy metal musician than we get from the “president” of the United States.


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