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The father of the young armorer from Alec Baldwin’s movie Rust says the gun that Alec Baldwin used to kill Halyna Hutchins was ‘sabotaged’  by a disgruntled crew member who wanted to cause a safety incident after having complaints ignored but never intended for anyone to die.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, was the armorer on the set of the movie on October 21. She says she handed the gun to Assistant Director Dave Halls after checking it, and that he gave it to Baldwin who then accidentally fired it at Hutchins while rehearsing a scene.

The article goes on to state the following:

Now, Hannah’s father, veteran film armorer Thell Reed is speaking out in her defense and suggesting that a disgruntled crew member who was fed up with safety issues in set is to blame for the accident.

Speaking on ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday, Reed noted that his daughter has been around guns her ‘”whole life.”  He is certain if she had been on set, Hannah would have found the live round in the gun before giving it to Baldwin. Hannah was not the person to hand the gun to Baldwin.

“That one time, they should have had her on set…she would have found it,” he said, according to Daily Mail. “She knows what to do. She does the job as good as I do now.”

Hannah’s lawyer, Jason Bowles, said someone sabotaged her and that they have given proof of that to the authorities.

“Sabotage is the most likely possibility, probability,” he said. “A lot of motive there. Somebody wanted to cause a safety incident on set… nobody wanted anybody to be killed. We developed evidence of motive of that. Why Hannah might have been a target… that’s all gone to the sheriff. We’re asking for all of that to be completed before any decision is made on charging,”

Bowles made a similar claim in November. He told TMZ that they don’t have a smoking gun, nor are they pointing the finger at one person, but that a live round “somehow made its way into a case that presumably only carried dummies, which are considered safe,” the outlet reported.

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  1. I have said this from Day One. There was a union crew which walked off the job over some dispute. I know what unions are like and my first reaction was that a disgruntled union member put the live round in the gun. I put nothing past those people. There is NO other reason any live ammo would have been on the site or at the shooting location or IN THE GUN unless someone deliberately put it there for a reason. I don’t know if they expected it would result in a death, but that is IMO what happened.

  2. Regardless of who they think is responsible, the buck stops at Baldwin. He handled a fire arm in an unsafe manner, he may have been practicing his seen, but he should have not been doing it by pointing it in the direction of his crew. If the armour was not on set to handle the weapon then who was, who loaded the gun. A live round ended up in an ammo box and then was loaded into a weapon, who ever that was shouldn’t be handling a fire arm in the first place. A blank v real are very distinctive in their shape, and many blanks have specific markings on them. The negligence falls on Baldwin not only handling the gun unsafe but also being the producer of the production. By the info coming out of all the reports that the production was a disaster.

  3. Ok so the armorer gave it to the director and the director gave it to Baldwin. So no one checked the gun after the armorer. Now the gun was supposed to be unloaded. No one saw the round in the revolver.
    Sounds like a game of musical chairs. Pass the buck.
    I saw a video of the armorer. I wouldn’t trust her with a gun ever.


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