VIDEO: San Francisco Board of Supervisors member makes BRAZEN demand on reparations

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San Francisco’s reparations proposal could include a $50 million “Office of Reparations” that would include a database to vet eligible citizens, according to a recommendation from one of the city’s Board of Supervisors members.

On Tuesday, Board member Shamann Walton called on his colleagues to support a “supplemental appropriation” of $50 million for the “Office of Reparations” and approval recommendations within the fiscal year.

“The supplemental will specifically be for reparations only and it will guarantee money in this budget cycle,” Walton said during a March 21 Board meeting.

Richie Greenberg, a San Francisco-based political commentator and former candidate for Mayor, shared a video of Walton’s demand.

Greenberg tweeted, “SF Board of Supervisors member Shamann Walton today 3/21/2023 implores colleagues to appropriate $50 million dollars NOW in anticipation of SF Reparations plan approval “soon”, for establishing reparations office, applicant database, and to begin distribution.”


Greenberg added, “I wholly CONDEMN in strongest terms the irresponsible request by SF Supervisor Shamann Walton today, for attempting to ram through a money request for an unapproved, unlawful and unconstitutional plan. Walton must rescind this now.”

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  1. This is what you get when the inmates are running the asylum.

    If anyone is to pay reparations, restrict it to Democrats, as they were the slave holders.

  2. 😂😅🤣people who were never slaves want reparations from people who never owned slaves….can you spell STUPID?!!

  3. Why doesn’t the BLM organization fund the reparations with all of the BILLIONS they SCAMMED from Corporate America ?
    They have done NOTHING to help the Black Community.


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