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A school nurse in New Jersey who claimed masks were not effective in protecting against the coronavirus and suggested requiring children to wear them is inhumane has been suspended.

Erin Pein, who refused to wear a mask herself while on the job at the school, said she was suspended by the Stafford Township school district, reported.

The article goes on to state the following:

In a Youtube video posted last week, Pein said of the children in her district: “The masks unfortunately don’t prevent them from getting COVID. Because the viruses are so small, it can’t be stopped with a mask.”

According to the article, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy issued last year a mask mandate for all students that attend school in-person. The only time students and teachers can take their mask off is when they are eating.

Pein said in the video that making the children wear these masks is a form of  “child abuse” and can cause “anxiety and depression.” She said this is altering how children “learn how to be adults by recognizing faces and facial expressions.”

“Making these kids wear them for 6 or 7 hours a day is awful,” she said.

WATCH Pein tell her story here:

Hirsh Vardhan Singh tweeted Saturday, “I stand with nurse Erin Pein, and all parents, nurses and teachers who refuse to back down and cower before Big Government tyrants like Phil Murphy. It’s time to unmask our children, safely reopen New Jersey, and take back our freedoms.”

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  1. They even make the kids put the mask back over their nose when they’re outside waiting for their parents!! I just saw that!!!

  2. God bless this school nurse for standing up. I too believe this is child abuse and needs to stop! They’re destroying our children’s confidence and making them a total wreck so they’ll be easier to control. God help us.

  3. School Nurse, Erin Pein is giving students, & all, lesson in Patriotism! Standing in the gap, alright! Bless her and all who speak up for basic & Constitutional Rights! Use ‘em or loose ‘em, my fellow Americans!

  4. Im on her side too ! Givernment regulated child abuse on topmif everything else yes reinstate her or if i were her id SUE

  5. She is totally correct. The masks were mandated to be worn for control only. There’s no way the weave on the masks we’re forced to wear block or repel the microscopic virus germs, whether the paper or fabric.

    And it IS abusive to make children wear them.

    Reinstate this employee, and don’t harass her. Otherwise, I hope she sues the heck out of the district.

  6. If your going to take your mask off to eat you are spreading those germs everywhere so why bother to put it back on. The germs are already out and about doing what they do. I’m not wearing the stupid thing.


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