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The Supreme Court struck down a restrictive gun-carry law in New York on Thursday, resulting in a meltdown from liberal analysts on CNN.

In a 6-3 majority opinion, the Court ruled in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, that New York put an unconstitutional burden on citizens applying for concealed carry permits by requiring they demonstrate a “special need” for protection.

The article goes on to state the following:

CNN’s liberal panel blasted the Court’s decision to uphold New York citizens’ rights under the Constitution.

Toobin complained, “You know, we know that in the United States you have the right under the First Amendment to say pretty much anything anywhere because we have freedom of speech in the United States. What the conservatives on the Supreme Court are saying is we want the Second Amendment to be a first class right like the First Amendment.”

He goes on to claim that conservative don’t want any gun restrictions or regulations.

Toobin said, “And [they] want to be able to carry guns anywhere anytime without any sort of regulation by the government, without background checks, without restrictions on where you can take a weapon, without restrictions on how you can carry a weapon.”

“We can’t separate this issue from what is going on in the world where, you know, we have a tremendous problem with gun violence in this country. We have mass shootings. We have 18-year-olds with access to AR-15s. And the Supreme Court is moving in the direction of saying that the government cannot regulate that traffic at all,” he added.

WATCH the clip below:

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  1. Oh stfu mr masterbater why is this prick allowed on the air voicing his opinion …..I believe the FBI needs to look into his private laptop. Fucking sick fuck

  2. What does the Supreme Court think of perverts who pleasure themselves on zoom calls? Keep it in your pants and shut up you disgusting pos. CNN contributors are like an FBI lineup of deviants and freaks just like most of the hosts.

  3. Toobin? The master of his private parts in public display Toobin? We don’t have a tremendous problem with gun violence in this country – we have a mass problem with family breakdown in this country full of immorality and lack of faith in Jesus! Fix the family, immorality issue, obey our savior and see things be wonderful! Now the world is just full of pride, lust, selfishness, self-centered ness, narcissism, jealousy, immorality, greed, love of money, hate, etc. it is not going to get better. It’s only going to get worse until Jesus comes back and saves us from this demon possessed world! So save your breathe Toobin and stick it where it belongs! You’re part of the problem.

  4. I’m conservative and want to carry a gun everywhere I go. It’s my right.

    HOWEVER, I also want all the current gun laws enforced to the highest extent but liberals do everything in their power to avoid those laws.

    When we enforce every existing gun law to the highest extent and throw turds in prison for as long as possible we can have an honest conversation on gun laws.

    As liberals allow crime to spiral out of control there’s never been more of a need for the 2A. Much like every other liberal policy, you can’t have it both ways. They try to play both ends of the spectrum every time and it just doesn’t work.

  5. It is a 1st class right for everyone !!
    Jack…… The Consitution is everyone’s right and you Libs who think your opinion and demands talk for all of us are absolutely wrong!! Everyone has their opinions or beliefs but, that does not give you or me the right to push them onto everyone else. Why do you have the right to speak your mind but everyone else get cut off or get branded for speaking their mind ? Really one sided!

  6. I have been watching the news about the SCOTUS decision on New York’s unconstitutional carry law for law abiding citizens. My past experiences have have shown me how utterly lacking in knowledge and common sense the members of the press truly are and today just affirmed once again that assessment. Even the fox commentators said things like “ whats to prevent some insane angry person from taking a gun out of their homes now ? “ Harold Ford said that , he is making himself and his show appear to be nothing but elitist fools as bad as the view. Not one news organization or commentator has mentioned the states with open or concealed carry laws that have already been in effect for years without mass murders on the streets. I would even venture to say those places have lower death rates . Tired of the blowhards from both sides , we need term limits for congress and real people as newsmen. Either that or just have them all , politicians and newsmen, wear swimsuits and we can judge them on that .

  7. Hey Toobin don’t you have something to go play with?

    Our God Given Rights are not for perverts to contaminate with biased opinions.

  8. The Bill of Rights makes no reference to there being “second class rights”. The says our rights are inalienable, meaning they do not come from man, so man cannot take them away. They are natural right coming from God or nature depending on your beliefs. The left again shows their ignorance or perhaps their dishonesty. Either way, they are sick people and should not hold sway.

  9. Toobin just go back in the closet and pull your pud if you need relief.

    When Democrats don’t get their way, they act like children.

  10. 🎶 TU-BIN’….ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON🎶 (sang to the tune of Groovin’ On A Sunday Afternoon). The great jerkoff caper of 2020….
    Presented by CNN.

    Are we supposed to take seriously anything this JERKOFF (pun intended) says? THIS is who CNN trots out to have a serious conversation about Constitutional rights in the U.S.?


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