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Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy punctuated a Judiciary Committee hearing in which Republicans focused on the FBI’s alleged politicization by reading an agent’s anti-GOP tweets into the congressional record.

Kennedy was one of several Republican senators to suggest that FBI agents are too pro-Democrat to impartially investigate crimes. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray on a leaked document purporting to show that the bureau considers the Betsy Ross and Gadsden flags to potentially be extremist symbols, while Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee suggested that the U.S. has a “two-tiered system of justice” based on political ideology. Wray pushed back on their assessments, saying that the vast majority of FBI agents remain appropriately apolitical.

The article goes on to state the following:

Kennedy asked Wray about several tweets from Timothy Thibault, former Washington Field Office Assistant Special Agent in Charge, who committee ranking member Chuck Grassley has alleged shut down an investigation into Hunter Biden. Wray declined to directly address Thibault’s tweets, saying that he could not comment on an “on-going personnel matter,” although he did acknowledge that Thibault held the position “until fairly recently.”

The report explains that Thibault “frequently replied to and retweeted posts critical of Republicans.”

In his grilling of Wray, Kennedy went down the list, describing anti-Republican tweets Thibault had posted.


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  1. The regime in place right now has weaponized the abc agencies against us American citizens, going after us and labeling us as “domestic terrorists.” Ladies and gentlemen, this “hearing” is proof, yet again, that the fbi ARE the domestic terrorists! All current abc agencies need to be dismantled, some permanently, and some rebuilt and reborn from the ground up!

  2. The FBI needs to be disbanded and rebuilt. That’s been the situation for decades. Obama and Biden have absolutely weaponized federal agencies against America.

  3. No wonder the American public doesn’t trust the FBI, with agents like Thibault, who would ?? There needs to be better screening for applicants to the FBI, and left wing nuts need not apply !

  4. With the CiA, the FBI has been a twin pillar of the Deep State since the murder nd coverup of 1963. Both need to be abolished.


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