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President Biden needs to “stop honking like a goose” and start solving some problems, Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., told “The Faulkner Focus,” while the Biden administration faces multiple crises on energy, foreign policy and at the southern border.

SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: We’re facing a number of challenges. We, meaning America. I would emphasize not exclusively but I would certainly emphasize the fact that Iran to, whom and to which President Biden would like to see the United States of America make love, is bombing the hell out of our only true friend in the Middle East, Israel.

The article goes on to state the following:

But of all the problems you’ve listed, my advice to the White House is instead of honking on like a goose, solve them. 

Kennedy also quipped that if Biden is actually supportive of open borders, he should just be honest and say it.


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  1. Truthfully how do you get stupid people to listen ? We have Cubans telling their stories trying to wake people up, yes we are a spoiled nation in ways but out of fairness… most of us have worked for what we have.
    You follow these biden communists and you end up on dirt floors with no air conditioning and oh yes you pay dearly even for that. Communism doesn’t care if you are white black brown green or purple. The stolen election has been ignored by governors and they know full well their own Secretary of State helped the crooked states pull it off … ga kemp coward should be ashamed but he is not. Every state legislature should be screaming for full machine and ballot audits but they won’t. I don’t want to hear they are scared … if you are a coward you should step aside instead of spouting how you are staying to protect people that you don’t give a damn about. Our unsupreme court is a joke, I don’t care how late it is, fraud can be undone… listen to the atty auditing Michigan. How else do we stop this raid on our country ?

    • True and well said HOW FAR DOES THIS UNAMERICAN crap go before it is time to get Biden and Harris out of our WH.

    • And where is Sydney Powell? What happened to all of the evidence that the Supreme Court refused to hear/see, all those affidavits and sworn testimonies? I don’t know how anyone could have faith in our justice system, our elections, or any branch of government at this time. How sad is this?

  2. i am sick when i see his face ..who’re kamala..Pelosi ..Liz Cheny…the Squad squad (((means they f*ck to 4 to 10 men in their life )) …face if i’m watching one american news i saw likes Satan with two horn in their ears .. i just turn right away mmy tv..scared me to death when this kind of face

  3. 75 million American Smart enough not to vote this two Maniac..only congress let them to be a SCARECROW IN THAT WHITE House thats it …so i blames republicans in congress and senators …supreme court..and you Kennedy for voting with this useless people


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