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Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Sunday that President Biden’s vaccine mandate for private businesses is designed to fail and being used only as a distraction from his “catastrophe” in Afghanistan.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Cruz said Biden’s rule requiring companies with 100 or more employees to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine or weekly testing is “illegal” and only meant to get the Democratic president back in the media’s good graces after he was widely criticized for his chaotic military withdrawal in Afghanistan.

The article goes on to state the following:

“They want to change the topic from Afghanistan,” the senator said. “It’s why Biden issued this completely illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate, because he wanted to change the topic from the disaster in Afghanistan.

He continued, “The vaccine mandate is going to be struck down in court. They know that. But the president is defying the law because he wanted the press to start defending him and stop talking about the disasters in Afghanistan. And he’s counting on a bunch of big businesses, in particular, forcing their employees to comply before the matter is ever adjudicated and before the order is struck down.”

WATCH the interview here:

Cruz tweeted Sunday, “This is not science. It’s political virtue signaling. And really cruel to kids.”

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  1. All part of the plan. UN Agenda and WEF want utter chaos. They are creating division and chaos all over the world. Out of chaos they will create order. The New World Order!

    WAKE UP!!!!

  2. His “destructive distraction “ is costing people their jobs. My son in law is losing his due to this unconstitutional bullshit. How is he supposed to feed his kids and provide insurance? I’m retired and 66 tomorrow but we will do what we have to do as a family and Joe Biden will not determine our medical choices.

  3. Biden is trying to be a dictator and working with other countries to try snd usher in The One World Order and A one World Religion. Jesus will be returning soon which is apparent by how fast people see evil as good and good as evil. Deception and Violence running ragged. Biden is Evil and nothing he does is legal or for the American Citizens Pray for each other, get your life right with God snd Preay for this nation.


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