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CNN’s John King perfectly summed up Friday the police response to Tuesday’s deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

King played a clip from Texas Department of Safety Director Steven McCraw in which he said the on-scene commander decided to delay entry into the Robb Elementary School classroom Tuesday because authorities believed the situation turned from an active-shooter situation to a situation where no children were at risk. McCraw said several students had called 911 during the time period begging for help.

The article goes on to state the following:

“With a bit of hindsight where I’m sitting now, of course, it was not the right decision it was the wrong decision, period,” McGraw said.

After playing the clip, King said, “Seven words that will forever haunt the community of Uvalde, Texas: of course it was the wrong decision.”

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  1. And I have yet seen anything on msm about the door that was propped open by a teacher, you know the door the shooter used to get into the school…….

  2. CNN you think the response was bad. Just wait until there are no police because of the crazt lefts like you defund the police happens if it does there will be no response. Maybe sending in a counselor to talk to the killer would do the job NOT!!!!

  3. It’s really sad that people focus on one thing that didn’t go right. The kid had to get in the school to shoot the kids. Then there is who he got the gun from then there is those who saw the warring signs before hand. So I feel there is more than one person who is at fault.

  4. Notice how these killing seem to happen under the democrats watch. They didn’t happen under Trumps watch.
    Democrats are dangerous, they ruin everything they touch with their woke stupidity! They are not woke, they are just STUPID!

  5. Since I have more questions than answers, I’m wondering if some of this wasn’t a set up by the dems? The plan went wrong, when the police didn’t go in. My heart does break for the families.

  6. The ” network of blame” is a very wide one , DML is very right in saying : It began and ended with that teacher who LEFT the door propped OPEN NO other doors were that way, he just waltzed right in no problem. I’m also not saying it was done deliberately, but carelessly. I too wonder , is the teacher deceased ? if not.where is she ? There is NO talk about her all focus is on the cops … Its true we have far more ?????? than answers.


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