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Aja Courtney, who reportedly lost her brother in a gang-related shooting, argued on Sunday that Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón’s policies are “giving way to more violence.”

Courtney made the comment on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” two days after Gascón argued that eliminating juvenile strikes “will make our community safer.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Gascón – joined by Los Angeles Assembly Member Miguel Santiago, a Democrat – unveiled legislation on Friday that would stop strikes committed by minors from later being used against them in adult proceedings, according to a news release.

In the release it states that the Three Strikes Law in California currently allows felonies committed by a juvenile to be used as a strike for a future adult criminal case.

Gascón said Friday, “The human brain is not fully developed until we are somewhere in the mid-20’s.”

Courtney knocked Gascón’s argument, calling it a “misguided notion.”

She said, “Anybody who has children understands that children know at very early ages what’s right from wrong.”

Gascón also said, “A juvenile system is based on rehabilitation, not on punishment. Criminalization of young people leads to higher levels of recidivism, which means that it creates more insecurity in our community.”

Courtney criticizes the legislation by Gascón saying it will encourage young people to commit crimes knowing they will not face any harsh punishment.

Courtney said, “What we’re saying by not punishing these criminals is that it is OK to continue to commit these offenses. Gangs are going to take that as a green light to continue putting these young people out on the street and committing these offenses – and that’s what we’re trying to stop.”

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  1. I’d like to invite any underaged gang member to attack, injure, maim or murder any DemoRatic member of the California political scene.
    Let’s see how long they have these insane policies!

  2. Consequences. We all need consequences. If a juvenile commits murder, rape, gun violence, larceny etc… and knows the difference between right and wrong they should face the consequences of their actions. Gascon should be recalled. His so called policies are putting every law abiding citizen at risk. Gascon should be held accountable for his actions and suffer the consequences of his choices. Start suing him. Class action lawsuits for dereliction of duty. This is a shameful move. How many will have to die or suffer? Weakening our law enforcement, trying to push gun confiscation, and letting juveniles off the hook isn’t the answer. It is a travesty. Gascon needs to go. Los Angeles needs to wake up and soon. Aja Courtney is correct in what she says. Gangs will start grooming even younger. We will have more violent youth who will not fear for anything. Gascon argues that their brains are not fully developed. So, if you’re going to say that 16 year olds are smart enough to vote, you cannot turn around say they are not responsible for their actions or behaviors because of their brains. You can’t have it both ways. It’s insane.

  3. This is an elected position and if Soros doesn’t thinks after this guy people will vote for someone he’s funding they won’t.

  4. Accidents caused by minors is forgivable. Deliberate acts by minors are also forgivable, but that does not mean they should be forgotten or swept under the carpet. There must be a consequence for one’s actions. When the teenagers murdered the Uber driver they should have received psychological treatment and incarceration not released as if nothing occurred. As we continue to ignore this behavior we are not teaching our children to be moral and responsible adults instead we are reinforcing bad behavior and irresponsible actions that come back to haunt society in 10 years.

  5. We have children doing home invasions, comminiting horrible crimes! Just because they can get away with the crime! They do not mature till 25 then they should not be able to vote till then! Such Biggots!


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