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A rare tornado barreled through a small northern Michigan community on Friday killing at least one person and injuring more than 40 others as it flipped vehicles, tore roofs off buildings and caused other damage.

On Friday afternoon, at about 3:40 p.m., the tornado was confirmed to be moving across northern Michigan. It traveled approximately 15 minutes wrecking havoc in its wake. At least one large building collapsed while several cars were flipped and destroyed. A mobile trailer park was also heavily damaged.

The article goes on to state the following:

More than 25,000 people across northern Lower Michigan were without power by early Friday evening.

Damage in Gaylord, where the tornado hit, was extensive and the residents of the roughly 4,200 person community were shocked by the surprising event.

“There are roofs ripped off businesses, a row of industrial-type warehouses,” said Eddie Thrasher, 55, who said the twister seemed to appear above his car as he sat in it.

“RVs were flipped upside down and destroyed,” Thrasher said. “There were a lot of emergency vehicles heading from the east side of town.”

“My adrenaline was going like crazy,” Thrasher added. “In less than five minutes it was over.”

Car repair shop owner Mike Klepadlo said he and his workers took cover in a bathroom at his establishment, Alter-Start North.

“I’m lucky I’m alive. It blew the back off the building,” he said. “Twenty feet (6 meters) of the back wall is gone. The whole roof is missing. At least half the building is still here. It’s bad.”

According to Ellen Bacca, chief meteorologist at WOOD, one person was killed and 44 people were injured in the tornado.

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