VIDEO: Son of former baseball star kills his 8-year-old boy before taking own life

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The son of former Red Sox first baseman George Scott allegedly killed his 8-year-old boy before turning the gun on himself in their Massachusetts home on Friday, officials said.

The tragic murder-suicide scene was discovered by police conducting a wellness check at 54-year-old George Scott III’s New Bedford home shortly after 8 a.m., the Boston Globe reported.

Scott and his young son Dante Hazard were found dead inside the house, Bristol District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III’s office told the paper Friday night.

Gregg Miliote, a DA spokesperson, said, “Mr. Scott, who is believed to have killed the boy before taking his own life, was living at the Phillips Road home with the boy.”

According to authorities, before committing suicide, Scott appeared to have killed his child with a sharp object.

“We are awaiting the medical examiner’s confirmation of these and other details,” Quinn stated.

Miliote confirmed that Scott is the son of George Scott, a former all-star Red Sox first baseman.

“I was shocked to hear what happened. I was not expecting this. I just feel bad for the boy, he didn’t deserve any of that,” said neighbor Courtney Colombo.

Just two weeks before the tragic murder-suicide, detectives searched Scott’s home as part of an investigation into the disappearance of the boy’s mother, who has been missing since March 2019.

The man had been named “a person of interest” in the missing persons case, which remains unsolved.

CBS Boston News tweeted, “UPDATE: The father has been identified as George Scott III, the son of Red Sox retiree, George ‘Boomer’ Scott, and the boy has been identified as his son, 8-year-old Dante Hazard.”

Reporter Alexandra Leslie tweeted, “BREAKING: @BristolDA says his office is investigating an apparent murder suicide involving an adult male and young child. DA says he believes George Scott III is the deceased adult. He shares a child with Lisa Hazard. Scott is a person of interest in her 2019 disappearance.” WATCH:

Reporter Kaitlin Gehlhaus tweeted, “An 8-year-old boy, the son of missing woman, Lisa Hazards, and George Scott III were found dead in New Bedford home this morning. @BristolDA says this is under investigation as a murder suicide. Hazards has been missing since 2019.”

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