VIDEO: ‘Squad’ member white knights for TikTok: ‘No Evidence’ of security concern

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On Thursday’s broadcast of NBC’s “MTP Now,” Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) claimed that there isn’t any evidence that TikTok poses a national security concern through Chinese espionage on the app, but there is a national security concern from “misinformation and the spreading of misinformation” on social media.

Host Chuck Todd asked, “[I]f there really is a national security concern, the economic argument then rings hollow, does it not?”

Bowman responded, “Correct. Yeah, exactly, right. So, if there’s Chinese espionage happening on TikTok, absolutely, that trumps everything else. The problem is, there’s been no evidence of that. But there’s been hysteria. And my point is, take a step back, look at the national security concerns of all platforms. Donald Trump used Twitter to nurture the behavior that occurred on January 6 and a violent insurrection. That’s a national security concern. Looking the other way and allowing Russia to interfere in the 2016 election, that’s a national security concern. I would argue that misinformation and the spreading of misinformation on these platforms are [national security concerns]. And, more importantly, they impact the psychology of the American people in a way that’s negative and harmful to us, forcing us to almost be at war with ourselves. This happens on American platforms, not just on TikTok.”

WATCH the interview below:

NowThis tweeted Wednesday, “Rep. Jamaal Bowman: ‘Why the hysteria and the panic and the targeting of TikTok? … It poses about the same threat that companies like Facebook, and Instagram, and YouTube, and Twitter pose.’”

Bowman wrote Thursday, “Instead of banning TikTok we need comprehensive legislation to ensure social media users’ data is safe and secure. Banning TikTok won’t solve that problem, and I was proud to stand with some of the most incredible creators today.”

“Hell yeah I love our creative youth. ✊🏿 I support our first amendment rights and the incredible creators who have used the app to inspire creativity, joy, and love. But we still need to regulate every Big Tech company from TikTok to Facebook.”

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