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Roosevelt went on a rough ride.

A statue of Theodore Roosevelt that has stood in front of the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan for more than 80 years was hauled away Wednesday, photos show.

The article goes on to state the following:

The bronze monument depicting the nation’s 26th president on a horse flanked by an African man and a Native American man — which has sparked protests for glorifying colonialism and racism — was yanked out with a crane just after midnight, leaving behind only its concrete pedestal.

The removal reportedly cost a whopping $2 million. The 10-foot tall statue will now be sent to Roosevelt’s presidential library in Medora, North Dakota in a few weeks.

The museum covered up the statue with an orange tarp last month. Calls for its removal started during the George Floyd protests in 2020.

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  1. These people are empty headed, soulless creatures that walk our streets . They think this will solve the problems that THEY created. Imbeciles is a good term .

  2. Geez. That trio of statues represented life as it was at the time. I won’t miss them, as I do not intend to return to NYC again.

    If only they’d known they’d be reviled in the future, for living in the norm for the era.

    This is such nonsensical behavior.

    The tables will turn, and we’ll be able to replay the ads / tweets, etc so they cannot deny the truth.

  3. Yes since George Floyd was such an outstanding citizen. Give me a break! He was a thug drug abuser. Sure hope all the woke people feel better and can sleep now knowing that statue is gone. Idiots!

  4. See… everyone is leaving the State of Stench NY? Even Teddy left. He’s better off in North Dakota where he will be appreciated. My question is: Should we shut down the state parks in NY that they get to enjoy because of the Conservation Legacy Roosevelt created? He even had a love for city parks and school yards for children to play. Did you know Teddy Roosevelt grew up in Long Island?

    I proclaim that we should boycott the Teddy Bear in the state of NY! All things Teddy should not be enjoyed by that racist state.

  5. Destroying America’s history will not make it a black nation White people fought and died to get rid of King George’s tyranny Not black people So leave the history alone . Crap happened just like it was the Africans that sold their own people into slavery. Something you people fail to recognize And those freedoms you enjoy were paid for by the blood of White people. You people act as if America is as the only place that blacks were brought to.
    But removing Roosevelt That decision is pure insanity
    Go to Africa or any other country where black people are their people in There is where your origins would be. But if you are a legal black person you are not anything but an American
    Museums that do this will be destroyed when they cause a civil war.

  6. Another example of Hatred for life‼️ These damn fools are trying to remove History.. please boycott this Museum of Natural History in Manhattan N.Y.‼️ Hit them in the pocket $$.. I am done with this BS, without the “White Man” the Black People would never give made it through as far as they have.. look at South Africa when the Blacks took over the country went straight to hell.‼️..look at every hell home of a city in the USA same damn thing.. the Leftist will abandon y’all because they only use you.

  7. Why don’t they start removing buildings itself instead of the statues? All this removal for what reason? Is it because someone is tired of seeing the statue? Wonder what will happen if they remove the 🗽 liberty statue? Maybe no one would notice, just like no one has noticed are liberties gone within

  8. Hmmmmm, g Floyd to replace him. Keep trying to change history and we know what culture is behind this and you are absolutely pathetic.

  9. We are forgetting the 2 million it cost to remove the statue! Could have been spent on much better causes! Our great country and our heritage is going away fast. Why bother having a museum of history when history is removed! Very sad and disgraceful! Children growing up now will never know the true meaning of the battle waged for freedom.

  10. When do the statues of Martin Luther King come down and his memorial park renamed? After all, nowadays his dream of judging people by their character and not their color has been thoroughly rejected. C’mon Lefties, if you’re going to tear down things that you don’t approve of, don’t forget MLK!

  11. Well then cancel Biden for his comments about him not wanting precious Hunter to go to a mixed school. Biden referred to that as a jungle!!!! This was modern day rhetoric coming from Biden!!!! Be sure to take down all the pictures of Clinton too for being a woman abuser and child
    Molester!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better do it !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. We in North Dakota will love the 10’ statue of Teddy Rosevelt . We will welcome this great statue to Rough Rider country were it will be appreciated and will be preserved history. Teddy loved North Dakota and North Dakota loves Teddy.

  13. These people removing the statue are the same people comparing Trump supporters to the Taliban. You can’t make this stuff up.


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