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Students from at least 18 Maryland schools walked out of class on Friday to demand virtual learning.

The walkout began at noon and was an effort to protest Montgomery County Public Schools COVID-19 learning program, according to organizers.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We feel unsafe because we don’t really know what’s going on,” said Nora Rudmann, a student at Poolesville High School.

Rudmann continued, “We’re not getting clear communication from the county. So, you know, we don’t know whether cases are steeply rising or steeply falling right now. It could be either, and we’re not getting clearly told, and that’s kind of a big problem.”

Reporter John Henry tweeted Thursday, “‘We feel unsafe’ | Students at 18 Montgomery County schools plan to walkout tomorrow at 12p. They want two weeks of virtual learning in @MCPS b/c of the county’s current COVID rate. Here’s Poolesville HS student, Nora Rudmann, with more on @MCPSwalkout2022.”

Hannah Rubin tweeted Friday, “MCPS students held a county-wide walkout in protest of mcps’ handling of the pandemic. Over 1,000 students walkout out of their classes today. I’m so proud of all our organizers, who pulled this off in less than a week, our volunteers, and everyone who showed up! thank y’all!!!!!”

Reporter Caitlynn Peetz tweeted, “Despite the bitter cold, hundreds of students from nearly every MCPS high school are walking out of class this afternoon in protest of what they believe are inadequate COVID-19 mitigation measures in schools.”

MCPS Students For Virtual tweeted, “At the moment, school is only serving to spread COVID and take teachers and students away from classrooms. For this reason, schools need to go virtual TEMPORARILY now to mitigate the problem instead of exacerbating it.”

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  1. How have these “students” got any rights to DEMAND ANYTHING !!! Fail every one and expell the rest of year !! Lesson time !!!

  2. So that means every student who walked out is marked as missing for the day and if it happens again they are suspended🤷‍♂️its really simple they need to understand who is in charge and it’s not them .

  3. Student walkouts are old. Try learning! That might help. Most of the time it’s just a excuse to be out of class . Virtual learning is all about cheating!

  4. Inform them that they get a zero in all classes each day they are out. Period.
    Oh I’m sure kids want to get out of school for their HEALTH, right… smh

  5. You send your kids’ to school to learn the 3Rs’ and they teach them to become protesters’. Eliminate teacher unions and give those brain-washing idiots the boot.


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