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9/11 education should “avoid placing blame” and leave out the “gruesome details” of that fateful day so as not to lead to extreme nationalism, according to some college students.

Students from the University of Florida spoke with Campus Reform recently to share their opinions on how 9/11 should be taught.

The article goes on to state the following:

Among their suggestions was to avoid the discussion altogether of who was responsible for the terrorist attacks. Others said the idea of American exceptionalism shouldn’t be mentioned at all in lessons.

One student said that American exceptionalism is “rooted in a lot of colonialist and imperialist notions of how we should treat other people.”

A different student in the video said that young people who adopt the “dangerous mindset” of American exceptionalism could risk growing up to be “extremists and really nationalistic.”

WATCH the video below:

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  1. 😳 This is a perfect example of why we are doing everything all over again. Nobody is learning the “gruesome details” of history. Doomed to repeat.

  2. This is what you get when you Allow so called professors and teachers to brainwash the kids with their liberial socialist ideas

  3. If the weak college students can’t take the truth in it’s entirety then the education system or parents have failed them or sheltered them ,, the worst terrorist attack in history must be told In it’s entirety!! Not watered down …

  4. Then they are no longer worth educating if they cant handle reality. Maybe it is the faculty that refuses to handle reality and they tell their puppets what to say. Spineless libturds.

  5. As a native New Yorker, we need to be reminded & NEVER forget. You cannot bury History like the left wants to do. We need to remember the families that were affected, the Heros & all respinders. Such a loss if life. Remember, so it never happens again..In likes of everything that went on from this white House & Afghanistan, they poured salt on wounds. The goodness & kindness of Americans who love this country will NEVER forget that day. Pat respects, burn a candle, say a prayer & say loudly, God Bless America!

  6. These same students keep throwing SLAVERY at us, at every turn. And PLACING THE BLAME on people, that had NOTHING to do with it !
    They don’t seem too bright. Maybe we should ” re-imagine ” what is being taught in schools, these days.

  7. Really?? These airheads weren’t even around to witness the horrors of 911. And never learned or understood the evil and horrors brought on by Pearl Harbor and sacrifices of our brave soldiers on D-Day!
    Nor did they come upon the the horrors of the Nazis concentration camps, which, by the way, was ended due to AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM! How bout the sacrifices of our soldiers during the Civil War? Where AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM ended the practice of slavery! It’s so obvious that these students are being indoctrinated instead of taught! They’re a bunch of spoiled, pampered and coddled twits!

  8. Salute the Flag for which it stands & Do Not take a knee! Remember as everyone ran for their lives, First Responders ran dare we Defund any one if there groups because they help save us from Evildoers!!! Learn the history!

  9. First of all they should get rid of the word “like” then they should go to the country of their choice which aligns with their values! And after a a year come back and tell us how bad our country is! I’m all about sending these spoiled brats some where else to get a real education.

  10. WTF kind of parents raise kids that think like this? Do you think the brave men that had to walk over the blown apart dead bodies of their friends at Normandy can forget the gruesome details? Or our Nam vets with the horrors they have seen?
    This so dishonors all our brave military and first responders who gave their lives on that day because of Terrorist, say it you frign pansies. OBL loving terrorists. You can blame people like Robert E Lee and take down his statue but you don’t want to blame terrorists? These students make me sick.

  11. These ingrates should be made to meet and FACE the families and friends/ coworkers of the slain and TRY this point of view . They wouldnt last long

  12. The dumb bastards do not Think . They are told what to think .These emptyheads believe everything these Nazi professors tell them . The land of Liberty will be no more because of country full of brain washed imbeciles !

  13. With all the illegals crossing the southern border and coming in on airplanes from Afghanistan that are unvetted there’s going to be another incident you might as well get ready for it it’s going to be in some City somewhere and it’s going to kill a lot of people and then you can stop your damn whining about blaming people because we know exactly who to blame

  14. These are the same people who do not believe the Holocaust happened!
    For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of and I’m fearful of our young people!
    They need to take a class trip to Afghanistan! They should have to spend, an unchaperoned, evening on the streets of Kabul!
    They are so brainwashed!

  15. Oh FFS! These “children” are nothing but snowflakes! They need to be taught every detail about 911 and it should NOT be sugar coated for these babies! For goodness sake grow up you are in college now!!! And the idiot that said they should focus on America’s faults has obviously been brainwashed by her liberal parents!


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