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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sat down with The Daily Caller and gave his reaction to former House Speaker John Boehner telling him to “go f**k yourself” in a leaked audio recording.

Cruz responded with a zinger about Boehner’s penchant for liquor and then raked the former politician over the coals. (RELATED: ‘Who Is John Boehner?’: Ted Cruz Fires Back After Reports Former Speaker Told Him To ‘Go F**k Yourself’)

The article goes on to state the following:

“Obviously he had too much wine that day already,” Cruz began before saying Boehner was “a little unhinged.”


LISTEN to Boehner’s leaked audio below:

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  1. boehner is one of the poster people for examples of RINOs, and I’m sure glad he’s no longer in congress. He has no relevance to the conservative party; he and his RINO actions assisted the socialist dems get where they are today. I’m thinking we could call boehner “benedict” going forward.

  2. Well, no one would accuse Boehner of having class, a conscience or any kind of American Pride. He’s a loser, through and through. Everyone knows that!

  3. Have ya’ll noticed that Republicans are extremely brilliant with epic wit- in contrast to Democrats with their baseless, yet disturbingly aggressive name calling and stealers of joy!!!! I will be strong and strive for justice for all!!! The Republican way!!!!

  4. I think someone’s been drinking with Pelosi again…..hes nothing more than a bitter RINO that history isn’t going to be remembered fondly.
    They need to keep both of them away from the wine!!

  5. Moira… awesome coment. Benedict Boehner…. this should be promoted as similar to the Lewinsky. Big mouth, no brain ,no substance .
    Backstabber as well.

  6. A tad off topic but since we’re talking CCP, the Olympics come to mind. This regime is not Boycotting the games so it is time good people stand for humanity and refuse to participate in this farce!! CCP is harvesting organs and selling them on the black market for starters, athletes should tell the OLYMPIC Committee they refuse to go, next refuse contracts with any company tied to the CCP.
    USA athletes, they represent Our Country, We the People not Washington DC.

  7. Way to go Ted. You know you’re doing something right if that crying ahole doesn’t like you .Boehner is just a drunken Romney

  8. OMG!!! The Olympics are going to held in China?! Ground 0 for covid? Quit playing!!!! They’re arresting restaurant owners if Cali and building fences around one for not complying with their next instant regulation!!! Speaking of fences…… nope. This crap is making me sacred. The Hunger Games isnt that far off.


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