(Commenting on)  VIDEO: Ted Cruz warns who the Democrats may ‘parachute in’ to replace Joe Biden



  1. I hope that doesn’t happen. Don’t forget Michelle Obama the statement that she made when Obama was running I feel somewhat proud of America now. She is a communist and a person who doesn’t like America at all and God help us if she runs and wins. That would give Obama 16 years. Think about that he’s already ruined the US imagine what he’ll do then. Plus she and Obama hated living at the White House

  2. Good luck Michael not Michelle! There are going to be so many bombs dropped about the real Barack Obama soon that this is not going to happen.

  3. Scary thought. Who will be her running mate? Killary?! Kamala gets kicked to the curb..lol. She already knows it’s going to happen. The Republicans need to have a deep solid base. They need to prepare for this doomsday scenario. This would be the undoing of this country.

  4. I hope ppl realize if that happens that he/she will continue to take this country in the same direction we are going now. Final destruction of America! Boom!

  5. I detest her! She is the modern day “Angela Davis” radical communist and hates America. Her husband would still be running things just like he is now! It would be the end of America as we know it! PRAY 🙏🏻 it doesn’t happen!

  6. That will be the end of our country for certain!! Obama is in his third term already! He wants to be a forever Dictator and finish his agenda to One World Order!! Time to expose ALL !!!

    • Unfortunately, the Lame stream media is not going to inform the people aboutvwhat is really happening. They are going to report that everything is hunky doory and say everything conservative is evil. They will parrot the DEMONRATS agenda word for word. This is going to result ina second civil war that we will win if we can get military on board.

  7. Oh well Michelle is not her real name because it’s Mike because she is a male,what a creep no wonder her two adopted girls left them. And Obama is running’s g this country not Joe Biden. And I hate them both. Obama needs to be told to stay away from Biden . And Obama needs to go back to Kenya where he was born and what happened to his grandmother who was there when he was born and what ab-it his parents where are they. Never heard nothing about them.

  8. Michael is a man, look up the old photographs and see Barry with his gay lover sitting on the couch, no mistaken it is Michelle


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