VIDEO: Terrifying moment gunman opens fire in broad daylight on busy street

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Horrific footage showed the moment two gunman opened fire on a Boston street as children were seen rushing away in fear.

The chaotic scene broke out on a Roxbury sidewalk where bystanders were going about their day until an unidentified man in a red hoodie and black pants opened fire on Wednesday around 6.45pm.

Several people were seen scrambling from the pathway of bullets, including a little girl, as another unidentified gunman in a brown hoodie returned fire.

Boston 25 reported there were more than 20 shots fired in the busy area. Police also found several cars with bullet holes parked nearby.

Neighborhood resident Shekisha Vicks told the outlet, “This is just hurting my mind, heart, and stomach. I was just down here an hour and a half ago. It could’ve been me and my mother who was in the midst of this.”

Joe Bell, who grew up in the area, commented, “I’m tired of people getting shot man, for real man, for real man. Just tired. This needs to stop. I’m so tired of hearing gunshots out here.”

Reporter Robert Goulston tweeted Wednesday, “A Roxbury business captured the shots fired incident while kids were playing baseball nearby at Ramsey Park. The store owner says @bostonpolice have this video.”

“This is video from another of the store’s cameras. @boston25″

Reporter Kirsten Glavin tweeted, “Boston Police investigating a shots fired incident near Shawmut and Lenox St in the South End. Dozens of evidence markers were placed across the area, close to Ramsay Park. Thankfully they say no one was hurt – but there was property damage. No arrests yet. @NBC10Boston”

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  1. Automatic life/death sentence for anyone whose violent purposeful actions did or could have caused death would stop this terror. Mental illness causing harm to self or others should be in managed lockdown away from public freedoms.


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