VIDEO: Terrifying video shows shootout on moving bus between driver and passenger

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Terrifying video shows a wild shootout on a moving North Carolina bus — with the driver returning gunfire with a passenger who pulled a weapon on him for not stopping where he wanted.

The disturbing footage from inside a Charlotte bus shows the hooded passenger — identified by cops as Omarri Shariff Tobias, 20 — strolling to the front demanding to be let off.

The bus driver, David Fullard, shakes his head while telling the passenger he can’t stop at the undesignated spot — sparking a series of threats.

Threateningly, Tobias tells the bus driver, “I dare you. Touch me. I dare you to touch me! I’m gonna pop your ass!”

The terrifying incident happened on May 18. The video is going viral on social media.

One Twitter user included the following explanation:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Surveillance video released Friday by the Charlotte Area Transit System shows the May 18 shooting aboard a CATS bus between the driver and a passenger.

The shooting occurred after the passenger, Omarri Tobias, asked the driver to make an unscheduled stop as the bus traveled through Charlotte’s Steele Creek neighborhood. When the driver, identified as David Fullard, refused, Tobias can be heard taunting Fullard, who continues to drive.

In the video, Tobias can be seen pulling a gun. Moments later, Fullard pulls out his own gun. Gunfire is exchanged as the bus drives off the roadway.

Two other passengers on the bus flee to the rear of the bus. Neither of those individuals were physically harmed in the shooting.

Fullard was shot in the arm. CATS fired him, saying in a statement that it’s against policy for an employee to have a weapon on CATS property or while performing their job. His attorney said he had the gun because like so many drivers, he didn’t feel safe on the job.

He is not facing any charges for now. Tobias faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injuries, communicating threats, and carrying a concealed firearm. He was given a $250,000 bond and was also banned from riding any type of CATS services.


Responding to the news that the bus driver was fired over the incident, one outraged Twitter user, Cathy Brown, wrote, “This country is in a very sad state when you are forced to either defend your life and go to jail for it or not defend yourself and die.”

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