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Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson – one of the Democratic lawmakers that fled Austin for D.C. to deprive the state legislature of a quorum to vote on election integrity legislation – delivered a fiery speech in which she appeared to compare Texas officials threatening her arrest with the act of a slave escaping the plantation.

Speaking in Alexandria, Va., on Friday, Thompson, D-Harris said her caucus “refuse[s] to be a hostage.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“I know there are search warrants out for us and I’m ready to be arrested,” she said. “What do you do to a slave if you don’t do nothing but arrest them when they flee. We fled Texas and if they want to arrest me, go ahead. I’m ready to be arrested.”

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  1. Why do all blacks play the race slave card when they don’t get their way. This shows just how much of a racist pig these democrats are especially when they are to stupid to know what is going on. It kind of says to us, take your sorry black lier matter crap back to the hole you climbed out of.

  2. What a DRAMA QUEEN!
    Comparing your coddled self to a fleeing slave of the 1850’s? PLEASE!
    Now that got time on your hands now that your not working and just hanging out spreading COVID around.
    Try “UNCLE TOMS CABIN for starters.

  3. Sad thing is she has people believing the shit that come out of her mouth. You sure can tell she is not an intelligent woman.

    • She does not care about the people she represents. Its amazing. She only wants to create headlines so she can use them to try and get reelected. In the meantime the real people she represents suffer. She is SCUM!!!

  4. A search warrant for her arrest???? She is an absolute genius. I say they stay in DC until they are voted out then the can finish their move to China.

  5. Arrest them now. First of all, YOU have not endured anything that every other American citizen has endured. YOU were not a slave. YOU can vote. YOU need to do your damn job and also take and English class. Pathetic.


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