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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Sunday that in his state it’s not just Republicans who are pushing back against the Biden administration as migrants surge to the southern border in record numbers.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, there were more than 172,000 border stops in March – the most in 20 years – and 20,822 unaccompanied minors are in federal custody. Republicans have blamed the spike on Biden’s immigration policies, but Abbott insists that in Texas they are not alone.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This is a bipartisan response to the Biden administration because you have Democrat members of the United States Congress, you have Democratic members of the state legislature, as well as Democrat local officials who are pushing back against the Biden administration as much as conservatives in the state of Texas,” the Republican governor told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace.

Federal officials project that the number of unaccompanied minors in federal custody will surge to 35,000, according to The New York Times.

But Abbott believes the number will end up being “far higher” than that, adding that a bipartisan response from the White House is needed to improve the situation.

“This problem will continue to get worse because of the policies that have been adopted by the Biden administration,” Abbott said. “What the president could do is to immediately put back in place the ‘remain in Mexico’ protocols that were established in the prior administration.”

“He could continue to build the wall along the border in south Texas. He could send a stronger message that these people should not be coming here,” he added.


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  1. I’ve seen politicians on both sides especially at the local level say something. It’s their constituents suffering. Homes being burned, robbed, and cars being stolen. There is so much any one person can take I don’t care what party you belong to.

  2. Greg runs his mouth a whole lot, bit never really does a lot. Words, words, more words; rarely any action. But wait- we need ‘bipartisan’ words are a magic salve.

  3. Thank you, Gov. Abbott, for saying this. I know you care about Texans, and all the lives these illegal alien invaders are adversely affecting.

    ALL of them should be shipped back to their home countries immediately, whether children or adults. Their home countries should be charged for all expenses associated with their upkeep while they were in our country, and their return – American taxpayers should not have to part with one cent to support these illegal alien invaders.

    Drug cartels, traffickers, and coyotes are the ones mainly benefiting from these actions.

    • I agree with you. Yea, I’ve disagreed with him at times, but I do believe he’s distraught at what this is doing to his state. I’ve seen what goes on with the borders there. More people ought to plan a car trip to see this shit with their own eyes and listen to the homeowners stories.

  4. The whole world knows Biden is a senile weak old man who won’t back up anything put in place to stop the swarms. If Biden put back in place what Trump had done no one will believe him and they will still come and get help crossing via cartels and activists!

  5. He is my Governor and I like what he says but it gets the state of Texas no where.
    We need action not words. Washington DC Doesn’t care what he thinks, deaf ears.

    I’m sick of it all but nothing is changing. We are being overrun by illegals coming in and being given money, housing, hotel rooms, school. Why do we have to pay taxes. I just need to change my name and dye my hair and maybe I will get all the free stuff.


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