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On Monday, “The View” co-host Joy Behar defended Rep. Maxine Waters,’ D-Calif. controversial advice to demonstrators in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota over the weekend to “stay on the street” and get confrontational with police officers if the Derek Chauvin trial doesn’t conclude with a guilty verdict. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, is charged with murder and manslaughter over the death of George Floyd. The police-involved killing last summer sparked riots across the country.

Republican lawmakers were outraged that Waters appeared to be inciting violence, but Behar gave Waters the benefit of the doubt.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I don’t think that Maxine meant anything by that except to say, ‘You have to stick with it, you have to be there.’” Behar said. “But Democrats have to be twice as smart and twice as thoughtful as Republicans. Because Republicans will say whatever they want and they get away with it. Whereas Democrats, one little thing like this and they jump all over her.”


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  1. And yet you were behind the usless demorats when they spent 4 yr going after trump for nothing. Including Jan 6 when he said March PEACEFULLY….

  2. Yeah, Trump was accused of inciting a riot when he said “be peaceful”, but it’s okay for Democrats to incite riots…

  3. Waters said exactally what she meant. Get confrontational means encite violence. Hell they tried to impeach Trump for less. Im so tired of the crap. Its a joke and the Democrats are believing it all. Its sad

  4. Wow what a bunch of garbage the View is, why that crap show hasn’t been taken off the air just shows how far left they all are.
    Behar is an ugly person inside and out.
    There is judgment for her someday.
    Maxine Waters was inciting a riot and she and you Behar need to be gone.

  5. How after reading the title how did I guess it was Joy? She is always the dumbest person in the room. That is saying something when she cohosts a panel of morons.

  6. Joy B is “f”ing stupid. It’s the Dems that get away with everything. She twists the truth and actually believes Americans will fall it. I think she made that statement knowing she would get a reaction, because it is a lie. She is trying to stir up more trouble with her twisted thought process. How this show survives is beyond me. Joy B, I will pray for your soul. God doesn’t like ugly and you are full to the brim with ugly.

  7. I quit watching when President Trump was elected. It is more racist than the news sometimes. I’m not surprised it was joy the old goat 🐐. I’m surprised the rest of them weren’t mentioned for upholding her. If you saw Waters you knew she was taking about getting more violent. She has pushed it for years. Democrats are nothing but two faced lying hypocrites. I can’t believe I was one for years. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  8. Kill, steal , destroy. That is what satan does . Joy B and most Dems step right in line.
    My children have not spoken to me in a very long time . Guess what? They are all Democrats. There was no harsh words or anything that happened. They decided to not have anything to do with me…. their way at all cost. God help us.

  9. What you guys dont see yet and believe me you will soon and that we need to start eliminating these sub par humans in the democrat socialist communists party and yes I do mean kill them………..

  10. Behar is another race baiting POS! Why is she and the view still being aired? Always flapping their gums and talking 💩!!

  11. Hahaha. Lmfao.. Consider the source…. Behar…. Lmfao… People actually agree with ” the view” and keep tuning in… Disgraceful… Oh yea Behar is an idiot

  12. Joy Behar is so delusional she can’t see or understand anything. She just says what she thinks people want to hear. She is lacking a brain

  13. Of coarse it was batshit Behar! She is just as despicable as Mad Max & Pelosi! What a bunch of conniving old sourpusses! How did mean vindictive old biddies think they hold so much power??


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